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Feminal (30 capsules)




Preparat for treatment and prevention of climacteric disorders
One capsule contains 100 mg of dry extract of the red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) standardized up to 40% of isoflavone. Excipients: microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, gelatin. Does not contain some sugar, sweeteners and preservatives.
How do capsules Feminal operate?
What is a menopause and what is a climax?
The menopause or the termination of periods means end of the reproductive period in the woman’s life. Most of women endures this phase aged from 45 up to 50 years. The span to, in time and after a menopause is called a climacteric. During this period there is a gradual decrease and the termination of production of female sex hormones. Clinically it is shown by a number of psychosomatic symptoms: inflows, attacks of tachycardia, perspiration, irritability and concern, headaches, sleep disorders, hypersensitivity of mammary glands, xeroderma, face reddening, decrease in a libido, differences of mood. The climacteric course quite often is complicated by development of serious diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis of vessels of a brain, arterial hypertension, breast cancer and osteoporosis of which the progressing loss of a bone tissue and development of pathological changes is characteristic.
How to avoid development of complications of a climacteric?
There are two solutions of this problem: 1 – intake of synthetic drugs for gormonozamestitelny therapy, however it is impossible to forget that long hormonal therapy increases risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and a breast cancer, 2 – administration of drugs of plant origin which contain so-called phytohormones.
What is phytohormones?
Phytohormones (isoflavones) are connections of plant origin which influence an organism similar to estrogen. Their natural source – plants, in particular, especially many phytohormones contains in soy and a red clover. In the countries of Asia at women the cancer cases of a mammary gland, cardiovascular diseases are much lower, than in the countries of Europe and the USA. It an objyasnyaetsyaupotrebleniye in food of a large number of products rich with vegetable isoflavones. Administration of drugs on the basis of isoflavones allows the woman to avoid development of undesirable manifestations of a climax and life-threatening complications.
Why isoflavones of a red clover?
Dry extract of a red clover contains 4 isoflavones: Biokanin of A (Biochanin A), Formononetin, Daidzein, Genistein.
Isoflavones of a red clover on the structure are closest to estrogen of a human body in comparison with other phytoestrogen. Thanks to this similarity, isoflavones of a red clover can effectively reduce climacteric manifestations.
The Feminal capsules – the drug made on the basis of the isoflavones received from a red clover. Each capsule contains about 40 mg of pure isoflavones.
For whom capsules Feminal are intended?
They intend for the women who are in the period to in time and after a menopause, as the effective help at the following symptoms: inflows, attacks of perspiration, tachycardia, irritability, sleep disorder, nervousness, headache, hypersensitivity of mammary glands, differences of mood, etc.
How it is correct to accept capsules Feminal?
It is recommended to accept on one capsule a day, one original packing will be enough for a 30-day course of reception. This means can be applied for a long time.
To whom is Feminal not recommended to accept capsules?
It is not recommended to accept capsules during pregnancy and a lactation, to children up to 16 years. At a concomitant use with other drugs surely consult to the doctor.
In a box 2 blisters on 15 capsules.
A form of release
of 15 capsules on 160 mg in the blister, 2 blisters are packed into a pack cardboard together with the instruction for use.Expiration date 2 years.
Storage of drug
At the room temperature, in the dry, protected from light place inaccessible for children.


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