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ENDOCRINOL (30 capsules)




Endocrinol is a herbal complex for the health of the thyroid gland based on Potentilla Alba.

Potentilla white has long established itself as an effective remedy for the health of the thyroid gland. Since it is extremely rare in nature, Evalar specialists grow this rare herb on their own plantations in the foothills of Altai and guarantee that it is white cinquefoil in the composition of Endocrinol. It is carefully collected during the period of maximum saturation with active substances and processed in a special way, retaining all the beneficial properties.


Endocrinol is a specially designed formula, the components of which are:
  • Provide additional nutrition for healthy thyroid function;
  • Support normal thyroid function;
  • Contribute to the maintenance of normal size and structure of the thyroid gland;
  • Helps maintain the balance of thyroid hormones.
  • Endocrinol is a reliable support for thyroid health.

Additionally, use Endocrinol cream-gel with cinquefoil for the skin in the neck area. Capsules and cream, acting from the inside and outside, create an optimal concentration of biologically active substances.

Capsules and cream “Endocrinol” can be used by anyone who cares about the health of the thyroid gland.


Properties of active components:

Potentilla white is a concentrate of Mn, Cu, Zn, Se, and also contains a large amount of Co, Cr, Ni, Li, B, Zn, macronutrients K, Ca, P, Fe and biologically active substances.

The rich composition of cinquefoil white allows you to supplement the diet with the most important micronutrients necessary for the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland. The study of the mechanism of action of cinquefoil white showed that extracts from the roots and herbs are practically non-toxic.

Of particular importance is the use of white cinquefoil in regions with iodine deficiency in nature and in areas with a special socio-economic status (“Chernobyl”, etc.) in order to normalize metabolism.

Vitamin E is involved in the metabolism of proteins that bind thyroid hormones, affects the function of the endocrine glands, helps protect the hormones they produce from excessive oxidation.


Results of clinical trials of Endocrinol

Taking dietary supplement Endocrinol for 3 months, 2 capsules a day, led to positive dynamics of the main clinical symptoms in hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and autoimmune thyroiditis (AIT):

  • reduction of dry skin, puffiness of the face, bradycardia, irritability, regulation of stool and sleep in hypothyroidism;
  • removal of excitation, increased efficiency, normalization of sleep, pulse and blood pressure in hyperthyroidism;
  • increase efficiency, restore sleep, improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails with autoimmune thyroiditis.

According to ultrasound of the thyroid gland, it was noted that the use of Endocrinol contributed to the normalization of structural changes in the thyroid gland, especially in hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, to a lesser extent in AIT.


Recommendations for use

Adults: 2 capsules 1 time per day with meals. Duration of admission – 3 months. It is recommended to use in combination with Endocrinol cream-gel, which is applied to the skin in the neck area. Thus, simultaneous internal and external exposure is ensured, as a result, an optimal concentration of biologically active substances necessary for the thyroid gland is created.



Individual intolerance to the components, pregnancy, lactation.


Storage conditions

Store at a temperature not exceeding 25°C.
Shelf life – 3 years


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