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Doppelgerts Go to sleep Complex Magnesium + Lavender + Melissa (30 tablets)




Doppelgerts Aktiv the Complex for a dream Magnesium + the Lavender + tablet Melissa No. 30 Components of a complex promote the soft calming action, improvement of sleep quality and removal of tension after work. Magnesium – vital mineral substance which activates the enzymes regulating uglevolny exchange regulates storage and release of energy, promotes decrease in excitement in neurons and to relaxation of a cardiac muscle. Melissa medicinal – positively influences a cardiovascular system, obladapt soft sedation, has the calming effect on nervous system, has soft sedation, has the calming effect on nervous system at stressorny reactions the Lavender – possesses soft diuretic, antiseptic and sedative action, promotes improvement of cerebral circulation. Lavender oil also is a part of the drugs having neuro and myotropic activity, the calming action of a lavender promotes improvement of a dream Calcium – is mineral substance which participates in processes of forming of membrane excitement, promotes carrying out nervous impulses, muscular contraction, activates kaltsiyzavisimy processes. Calcium is necessary for strengthening of a bone tissue that is especially important at the increased physical activity and sports activities B1 Vitamin – the important participant of carbohydrate metabolism, promotes saturation by energy of a brain. At its deficit in an organism the heart failure B6 Vitamin develops – participates in many biochemical reactions, in processes of excitement and braking in central nervous system D3 Vitamin – plays an important role in an organism 1 tablet contains the Number of % of the recommended level of a daily allowance of potrebleniyamagny 400 mg 100%kaltsy 120 mg 12%niatsin 16 mg in maintenance of balance of calcium and phosphorus 89%vitamin B6 1,4 mg 70%vitamin B1 1,1 mg 78.6%vitamin D3 5 mkg of 100% the Scope: an additional source of V1, V6, D3 vitamins, Niacinum, magnesium, Nutrition and energy value contains calcium, rosemary acid: 1 tablet contains 1 kcal, 4 kJ, proteins of 0 g, fats of 0 g, carbohydrates of 0 g. Recommendations about use: to adults and children 14 years on 1 tablet once a day in time a reception edyprodolzhitelnost 2 months are more senior. After a break in 1 month it is possible repeated priyempered use it is necessary to consult with the doctor Protivopokazaniya: individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, feeding by the Instruction breast for patients with diabetes: Dietary supplement to food does not contain grain units. Is not medicine


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