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Deep Hit 67g of cream in a tube




The instruction for medical use of Dip Heath Torgovoye medicine a name Dip Heath Mezhdunarodnoye the unlicensed name Is not present the Dosage form Cream of 15 g, 67 g Structure of 100 g of cream contain active agents: methyl salicylate of 12.80 g, menthol of racemic 5.91 g, oil eucalyptus 1.97 g, oil turpentine 1.47 g, excipients: liquid paraffin, lanolin, dovitsit 200, cetostearyl alcohol, sodium tsetostearilsulfat, propylene glycol, water purified. The description Cream of white color with a smell of menthol and methyl salicylate. Pharmacotherapeutic group Drugs for topical treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Other drugs for topical treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The ATX M02AX code the Pharmacological Pharmacokinetics Medicine properties it is intended for topical administration therefore pharmacokinetic researches were not conducted. The data on active agents published in literature, the following: – methyl salicylate is quickly soaked up in case of drugs for topical administration, absorption is facilitated when heating, physical activities, bandages and damages of a skin surface. Fast local hydrolysis in fabrics to salicylic acid results in low system concentration of methyl salicylate in blood plasma after topical administration. Therefore at topical administration of methyl salicylate only local effects will be perhaps shown. System salicylic acid intensively contacts blood proteins in an inactive form. The free active form is metabolized or removed with urine. – pharmacokinetic data on topical administration of menthol are limited. Menthol is soaked up in skin with rather low system concentration in blood plasma. It means that effect of menthol at topical administration by the nature is generally local. Consider that in skin menthol is a little metabolized though mainly menthol is metabolized in a liver, at the same time fat-soluble menthol will be transformed on four water-soluble a metabolite which are removed with urine. – it is very little-known about pharmacokinetic properties of eucalyptus and terpentinovy oils at topical administration. A pharmacodynamics the Combined drug for external use. Has local irritative, analgeziruyushchy and anti-inflammatory effect. Eucalyptus oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties. Menthol. Menthol has weak irritant action which is followed by comfortable feeling of pain relief in muscles, ligaments and joints. At rubbing in in skin and drawing on mucous membranes menthol causes the irritation of nerve terminations which is followed by feeling of cold, easy burning and pricking, has the easy local anesthetizing effect, weak antiseptic action. Methyl salicylate has analgeziruyushchy, anti-inflammatory effect. Not selectively inhibits cyclooxygenase, reduces synthesis. Normalizes hyperpermeability of capillaries, improves microcirculation processes, reduces hypostasis and infiltration of inflammatory fabrics. Turpentine oil. Renders the local irritative, warming, analgeziruyushchy, distracting and antiseptic action. Gets through epidermis and causes reflex changes in result of irritation of receptors of skin, promotes release from skin of biologically active agents (including a histamine). Indications – rheumatic, muscular pain and rigidity, including the dorsodynia, a sciatica, a lumbago, fibrous inflammations, bruises, sprains including caused by insignificant sports injuries. A route of administration and doses For topical administration. To adults and children 5 years are more senior to apply the easy massing movements a thin film of cream on an affected area 2-3 times a day. Duration of treatment is defined by the doctor and depends on weight and a course of the disease. It can be used before physical exercises. Side effects Are possible: local skin reactions (contact dermatitis), itching, irritations of skin, reddening and small tortoiseshell. Contraindications – hypersensitivity to any component of drug, to acetylsalicylic acid, an ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (including, drugs for intake), especially in the presence of bronchial asthma in the anamnesis – pregnancy, the lactation period – children’s age up to 5 years Medicinal interactions Possibly that excess use of salicylates for external drawing can strengthen effect of anticoagulants of coumarin and antithrombocytic drugs. Therefore the patients accepting anticoagulants of coumarin or antithrombocytic drugs, including aspirin, have to show care. The special instructions Drug it is intended for external use and only on the uninjured skin. Patients need careful use of drug with bronchial asthma as salicylates can provoke a bronchospasm. Not to use with occlusive bandages. Avoid hit in eyes and on sensitive sites of skin. Always at first check reaction on small sites of skin. Some people can feel discomfort, in particular what have a sensitive skin or when using cream in hot weather or after a bathtub. Carefully wash up hands after use. In case of excessive irritation stop use. If symptoms remain, consult with the doctor. Pregnancy and the period of a lactation Drug should not be used at pregnancy and breastfeeding until its use is considered necessary. Features of influence of medicine on ability to run the vehicle or potentially dangerous mechanisms the Overdose does not influence the Overdose is improbable if to use according to recommendations. Symptoms: at use on the big site of skin or at accidental consuming, drug can cause system undesirable effects depending on the adsorbed quantity. Treatment: supporting and symptomatic. A form of release and packing On 15 g and 67 g of drug in tubas aluminum with a cover from polyethylene of high density. On 1 tuba together with the instruction for use in the state and Russian languages put in a cardboard box. To Store storage conditions at a temperature not above 25 °C. To store out of children’s reach! 3 years not to apply a period of storage after an expiration date. Prescription status Without prescription of Proizvoditel Mentolatum Company Limited, 1 Redvud Avenue, was Drunk by the Campus, Ист Park Kilbrid, G74 5PE, Great Britain. Owner of the registration certificate of Mentolatum Company Limited, Great Britain. The name and the address of the organization accepting in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan a claim (offer) on quality of medicines from consumers and responsible for post-registration observation of safety of medicine Representative office of JSC Delta Medikel Promoushnz AG (Switzerland), 050040, Almaty, Bostandyksky district, Bayzakov St., 280


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