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Bondjigar (20 capsules)




The instruction for medical use of BONDZhIGAR medicine the Trade name Bondzhigar Mezhdunarodnoye the unlicensed name Is not present the Dosage form of the Structure One Capsule Capsule contains active agents: Verbezina of a white grass extract of dense 130.0 mg of Pikroriza of a kurro of rhizomes and roots extract of dense 43.0 mg of the Nightshade black fruits extract of dense 25.0 mg of Chicory ordinary seeds extract of dense 93.5 mg of the Tamarisk of a grebenshchik of fruits extract of dense 48.0 mg of Radish of a sowing campaign of seeds extract of dense 32.0 mg of the Barberry awned fruits extract of dense 76.0 mg of Berkhaviya of a sprawling grass extract of dense 52.5 mg structure of a cover of the capsule: sodium lauryl sulfate, methylparaben (E218), propylparaben (E216), gelatin, water purified the titan dioxide (E171), FD&C Quinolinic yellow No. 10 (E104), Allur’s FD&C red No. 40 (E129), FD&C Diamond blue No. 1 (E133). Description Solid gelatin capsules size No. of 0 C body and cover of brown color. On the body and on a cover the inscription BONJIGAR. Contents of capsules – powder of brown color, with a specific fragrant smell and bitterish taste. Pharmacotherapeutic group Digestive tract and metabolism. Drugs for treatment of diseases of a liver and biliary tract. Drugs for treatment of biliary tract and lipotropic drugs in a combination the ATX A05 C Code the Pharmacological Pharmacokinetics Absorption properties comes from digestive tract. Effect of the drug Bondzhigar is cumulative action of its components therefore carrying out kinetic observations is not possible, components cannot be tracked by means of markers or bioresearches. For the same reason it is impossible to find also metabolites of drug. A pharmacodynamics Bondzhigar – complex vegetable drug which pharmacological effect, is caused by a complex being its part of active components rendering hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory, anti-toxic and bile-expelling action. Verbezina white contains vidilolakton and dimethyl vidilolakton, having antigepatoksichesky properties, ascorbic acid, alkaloid ekliptin and also thiophene derivatives. Pikroriza the kurroa contains glycosides – pikrozid, kutkozid, androsin, apotsinin. Has antihistaminic effect, anti-inflammatory (by inhibition of activization of thrombocytes), bile-expelling and antioxidant action, besides possesses immunomodulatory action. The nightshade black contains glycoalkaloids – solasodin, solamarin, solasonin. Has the calming, soothing, laxative effect. Chicory ordinary – contains tannins, polyphenols, oils. Has bile-expelling, hepatoprotective effect. The grebenshchik contains a tamarisk tamareksin, agglucon. Activates effect of other gepatozashchitny drugs, has styptic properties. Radish a sowing campaign contains glycosides, essential oils, ascorbic acid, lysozyme, amino acids (ornithine, citrulline, arginine). Works as antioxidant, renders hepatotrophic and bile-expelling effect, enhances detoksikatsionny ability of a liver, promotes metabolism regulation. The barberry awned contains alkaloids berberine, berbamin, aromolin, karakhin, palmatin, oxyacanthine, organic acids and sugar, coffee and ferulevy acids. Possesses bile-expelling, antimicrobial, anti-diarrheal action. Berkhaviya sprawling contains alkaloids triakontanol, gentriakontan, flavonoids, glycosides. Has hepatoprotective, soothing, diuretic effect. Anti-inflammatory action of Bondzhigar consists in prevention of production of phospholipid 2-A of the arachidonic acid necessary for biosynthesis of prostaglandins. Due to hepatoprotective action, the membrane of lysosomes is stabilized, the sizes of the increased liver and indicators of ALT are reduced, nuclear heating plant and bilirubin quickly return to normal. The disintoxication Bondzhigara function is based on strengthening of a cycle of tricarboxylic acids that leads to the accelerated removal of decomposition products of protein metabolism to ammonia and to formation of primary urine. Lipotropic action of Bondzhigar consists in prevention of fat deposits in liver cells due ment of lipotropic agents: sincaline, methionine and lecithin. They split fats to fatty acids, interfere with their absorption and accelerate process of removal of earlier formed fat inclusions of liver cells. The bile-expelling effect is based on strengthening of production of bile and decrease in its viscosity. Bondzhigar regulates immunological and antibacterial function of leukocytes, increasing their mobility and stimulating phagocytosis. Besides, drug promotes production of own interferon. Possesses antioxidant action (stimulates producing energy in cells and protects a liver from action of free radicals by their binding and removal from an organism). Indications as a part of complex therapy: – dyskinesia of biliary tract – chronic not calculous cholecystitis – acute and chronic hepatitises of various etiology, the toxic hepatitis caused by side effect of chemicals, medicines, alcohol – a fat hepatosis (including in diabetes) – cirrhosis the Route of administration and doses Adult – 1-2 capsules 2 times a day. The drug is taken after a meal. At treatment of acute forms of diseases duration of administration of drug – 2 weeks. At treatment of chronic forms of diseases – 4-6 weeks. Side effects – allergic reactions to drug components – increase of a chair of the Contraindication – the increased individual sensitivity to drug components – children’s and teenage age up to 18 years – pregnancy and the period of a lactation Medicinal interactions are not revealed Special instructions Clinical data on use of drug during pregnancy and lactations are absent. Features of influence of medicine on ability of driving and potentially dangerous mechanisms the Overdose does not influence the Form of release and packing On 20 and 60 capsules in bottles from plastic with the twisting plastic cover is not revealed. Together with capsules place a sack with the moisture absorber in bottles, fill free space with medical purified cotton. The neck of a bottle is pasted over with aluminum foil. On 1 bottle together with the instruction for medical use in the state and Russian languages place in a cardboard pack. To Store storage conditions at a temperature not above 25ºС. To store out of children’s reach! 3 years not to apply a period of storage after an expiration date. Prescription status Without prescription Herbion Pakistan Pvt Ltd Producer, the Korangi Industrial zone, 30/28 Karachi, Pakistan. Owner of the registration certificate Herbion Pakistan Pvt Ltd, Pakistan. The name, the address and a contact information (phone, the fax, e-mail) of the organization in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the accepting claim (offer) on quality of medicines from consumers and responsible for post-registration observation of safety of medicine of Pharmation Universal LLP Almaty Chaplin / Haliullin St. 71/66 Ph. 234-48-53, 234-44-88 Fax: 234-41-77 E-mail:


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