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Now you can order Semax® Peptide here!


Now you can order Semax® Peptide here!

We are glad to inform you that now your favourite Russian Peptide Semax® is now available in our store at affordable prices!

Now some information about this drug: What is it and what functions it has?

Semax peptide (0.1% solution) is a synthetic heptapeptide analogous to ACTH fragment 4-10 lacking hormonal activity. Semax belongs to the group of neuropeptides with nootropic and adaptive effects. Semax is a peptide with an original amino acid sequence. It  appeared in the international press in 1982 and has been developed and tested for a decade and a half.

After administration by nasal drip, up to 70% is absorbed through the nasopharyngeal mucosa after a short period of time (1-5 minutes). One drop of 0.1 % Semax drops contain 50 µg of synthetic heptapeptide. A 3 ml bottle contains 0.1% Semax, 0.1% Nipagin (as a preservative) and distilled water.


  • positively affects processes related to memory formation and learning;
  • increases selective attention during learning and analysis of information;
  • improves adaptation of the organism to hypoxia, cerebral ischaemia, anaesthesia;
  • increases energy;
  • promotes resistance to stress injuries and hypoxia


  • Intellectual and mental disorders in vascular brain damage;
  • Recovery period after a stroke;
  • For the prevention of mental fatigue;
  • At monotonous operator’s work;
  • Work in stressful conditions;
  • Optic atrophy;
  • Optic neuritis.

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