Stopdiar 220 mg / 5 ml 90 ml of oral suspension

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Ingredient: Nifuroxazide
The instruction for medical use

of Stopdiar® medicine

the Trade name
of Stopdiar®

the International unlicensed

name Nifuroksazid Lekarstvennaya a form
Suspension of 220 mg / 5 ml of 90 ml

of 5 ml of suspension contains
active agent - nifuroksazid 220 mg,
excipients: citric acid, sodium hydroxide, essence banana, methylparahydroxybenzoate, carbomer, a simetikona the emulsion of 30%, sucrose, water purified.

The description
Suspension of light yellow color, with a banana smell. At storage slightly settles, after stirring

the Pharmacotherapeutic group
Antidiarrheal drugs turns into uniform suspension without formation of a dense deposit at the bottom of a bottle. Intestinal antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory drugs. Other intestinal antimicrobial drugs. Nifuroksazid
the ATX A07AX03 Code

the Pharmacological

Pharmacokinetics Later properties of administration of drug inside, it is practically not absorbed from a GIT, creating high concentration of active ingredient in intestines and showing the antibacterial action only in an intestines gleam. It is completely removed with a stake.
The pharmacodynamics
Nifuroksazid is derivative 5 nitrofurans. He has local antibacterial effect in an intestines gleam concerning gram-positive bacteria from the sort Staphylococcus and gram-negative bacteria from the Enterobacteriaceae family from a sort: Yersinia sp., Escherichia spp., Citobacter spp., Enterobacter spp., Klebsiella spp., Salmonella spp. In sredneterapevtichesky doses has bacteriostatic activity, and in higher – works bakteritsidno.
Nifuroksazid does not show antibacterial action on a look bacterium: Proteus vulgaris, Proteus mirabilis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Nifuroksazid does not destroy saprophytic microflora of a digestive tract, does not break balance of normal indestinal flora, does not cause formation of resistant strains. Nifuroksazid has the braking impact on activity of dehydrogenases and protein synthesis in bacteritic cells. The efficiency of drug does not depend from rn in a gut gleam.

- acute bacterial diarrhea in addition to rehydration if there is no suspicion
by means of oral or intravenous solutions for rehydration is defined on spread of an infection to other bodies and the Extent of Rehydration systems according to weight of diarrhea, age and the state of health of the patient (associated diseases etc.)

the Route of administration and doses
of Stopdiar®, suspension is appointed:
To children aged from 2 up to 6 months: on 110 mg (2.5 ml, a small measured spoon of suspension) 2 times a day, each 12 hours.
To children aged from 7 months is also more senior: on 220 mg (5 ml, a big measured spoon of suspension) 3 times in every day of 8 hours.
To adults and children 14 years are aged more senior: on 220 mg (5 ml, a big measured spoon of suspension) 4 times in every day of 6 hours.
Before reception of Stopdiar®, the bottle should be stirred up several times, for receiving uniform suspension. Having measured the appointed dose, suspension needs to be swallowed, it is possible to wash down with water.
Drug course of treatment no more than 7 days. In case of lack of efficiency of drug within 2 days of treatment, consultation of the doctor is necessary for treatment correction introduction.
During treatment of acute diarrhea the drug obligatory is constant oral or intravenous completion of deficiency of liquid in an organism, depending on the general condition of the patient.

Side effects
- abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea

- a granulocytopenia
- skin rash, allergic reactions, urticaria, a Quincke's edema
In individual cases of supersensitivity to a nifuroksazid appear abdominal pain, nausea and exacerbation of diarrhea. In case of such symptoms of small intensity there is no need of use of special therapy or phase-out of a nifuroksazid. If symptoms expressed, it is necessary to stop drug intake. In that case the patient of derivatives of nitrofuran should avoid appointment.

- the increased individual sensitivity to drug components, including to other derivatives 5 nitrofurans
- intolerance of fructose, a glucose galactose sprue, deficiency of invertase-isomaltase
- premature children and newborns of the first month of life

Medicinal interactions
Alcohol intake during the Stopdiar® drug treatment can cause disulfiramopodobny reactions.
During drug treatment it is impossible to accept at the same time other oral medicines in view of strong absorbing properties of drug.

Special instructions
more than 7 days are not recommended to take the Drug Stopdiar®. In case of the proceeding diarrhea after 2 days of treatment the consultation of the doctor is necessary for the solution of a question of tactics of further treatment.
In case of heavy invaziyny diarrhea, it is necessary to enter an antibiotic as the drug Stopdiar® is not soaked up from digestive tract.
During use of drug it is necessary to keep to a diet with an exception of juice, crude vegetables and fruit, sharp and products hard to digest and dishes.
In case of reaction of supersensitivity (short wind, skin rash, an itching) it is necessary to stop taking the drug. Due to expressed the adsorbing properties of drug it is necessary to avoid concomitant oral administration of other medicines. During the Stopdiar® drug treatment the consumption of alcoholic beverages since alcohol increases sensitivity of an organism to drug is contraindicated and can provoke the disulfiramopodobny reaction which is shown exacerbation of diarrhea, vomiting, an abdominal pain, a dermahemia, feeling of heat in the person and in an upper part of a trunk, the noise in the head complicated by breath, tachycardia, feeling of fear.
If during drug treatment there are dehydration symptoms, it is necessary to carry out rehydration therapy (about 2 l of liquid a day) according to a clinical condition of the patient.
Due to existence in composition of drug of sucrose, patients with the rare inherited disorders connected with intolerance of fructose, a syndrome of a bad resorption of glucose galactose or a lack of invertase-isomaltase should not accept this medicine.
Because of parahydroxybenzoate content drug can cause allergic reactions of overdue type.
Pregnancy and the period of a lactation
as a precautionary measure, it is preferable not to accept during pregnancy as there are no sufficient clinical data for assessment of teratogenic or fetotoksichesky effects of a nifuroksazid.
Nifuroksazid is not soaked up from a digestive tract. Nevertheless due to the lack of sufficient clinical data it is necessary to be careful when assigning a nifuroksazid in the period of a lactation.
The feature of influence of medicine on ability to run the vehicle or potentially dangerous mechanisms
does not influence.

Symptoms: strengthening of side effects.
Treatment: gastric lavage, symptomatic therapy.

A form of release and packing
On 90 ml of drug in bottles from orange glass corked by a polyethylene cap. On 1 bottle together with a double measured spoon with a capacity of 2.5 ml and 5 ml and with the instruction for medical use in the state and Russian languages place in a cardboard pack.

To Store storage conditions at a temperature from 15 of 0C up to 25 0C.
To store out of children's reach!

3 years
not to use a period of storage after the expiry date specified on packing.
The use period after opening of a bottle of 14 days.
Prescription status
According to the prescription

the Name and the country
of the Gideon Richter Romania manufacturing organization of A.O., Romania

the Name and the country of the owner of the registration certificate
of JSC Gideon Richter, Hungary

the Name and the country of the organization of the packer
Gideon Richter Romania A.O., Romania

the Address of the organization accepting in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan claims from consumers on quality of products: Representative office of JSC Gideon Richter in RK E-mail: info@ richter.kztelefon: 8 (727) - 258-26-22, 8 (727) - 258-26-23
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