Camphor alcohol 10 ml 50% alcohol solution ext.

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Ingredient: Camphor Bromide
The instruction for use medicinal

means for experts

Camphor alcohol

the Trade name
Camphor alcohol

the International unlicensed

name Camphor Dosage Form Solution alcohol

Structure in bottles of 10%
active agent- camphor 10 g
excipient - alcohol of 70% up to 100 ml

The description
Transparent colourless liquid with a specific smell of camphor

Pharmacotherapeutic group
Other drugs for topical treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
The code of automatic telephone exchange M02 AH

the Pharmacological
Camphor properties is one of the main representatives of analeptical means. Camphor tones up a respiratory center, stimulates a vasomotor center. Camphor has also direct effect on a cardiac muscle, strengthening exchange processes in it and increasing its sensitivity to influence of sympathetic nerves. Under the influence of camphor, peripheral blood vessels are narrowed.
At topical administration, drugs of camphor render irritating
and partly antiseptic action.

- arthritis
- rheumatism
- an arthralgia
- a miositis
- myalgia
- a sciatica
- for prevention of decubituses

the Route of administration and doses
Outwardly in the form of compresses and grindings.

Side effects
Individual intolerance, sensitivity to drug.
In epilepsy and tendency to convulsive reactions.

Medicinal interactions
are not established

the release Form
Solution alcohol on 30, 50 ml in glass bottles of orange color corked by traffic jams with the condensed screw-on covers, in a cardboard box together with the instruction for use is not revealed.

To Store storage conditions in the place protected from light, at a temperature from +12o to +15o S.
Hranit out of children's reach!

Not to apply a period of storage of 5 years after an expiration date.

Prescription status
Without prescription

the Name and the address
of JSC Pharmation producer,
Republic of Kazakhstan, 100019, Karaganda, Chkalov St. 7,
ph. fax (7212) 42-67-34.
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