Barsuchok 50 ml warming balsam.

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Sostavbarsuchy fat, extract of red pepper, camphor, wax emulsion, oil perfumery, stearin cosmetic, monoglycerides, high-molecular alcohol, paraffin, PEG – 400, trietanolamine, a fragrance, parabens, water of special cleaning.
Pharmacological a deystvieBARSUChok BALM MASSAGE activates a blood stream, renders the deep warming, antiseptic, anesthetizing influence. Removes muscular stress.
Indications • dryness and irritation of skin after chapping and stay on cold.,
• when overcooling and complex treatment and prevention of catarrhal diseases,
• during the posttraumatic period (fractures, bruises, stretching),
• for sports activities of the Contraindication: individual intolerance of components.
ProtivopokazaniyaIndividualnyy intolerance of components.
And to dozyvtirat a route of administration the massing movements before emergence of the warming effect. To warm the warmed area.
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