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Zhivokost 75 ml warming balsam




Comfrey extract – the main active ingredient of balm – promotes reduction of inflammation and a joint pain, a back, a waist, muscles and ligaments, accelerates restoration of the damaged fabrics in fractures, sprains, bruises. Chondroitin – the main substance of intra articulate liquid – participates in creation of cartilaginous tissue, plays a role of lubricant of an articulate surface, has promoting effect on regeneration of cartilaginous tissue. Extract of a fresh-water sponge reduces hypostases and rassasyvat hematomas. The complex of essential oils of an eucalyptus, the kayeput, a juniper, rosemary and a carnation possesses the anti-inflammatory, calming and warming action.
The glycosamine participates in formation of a cartilage, sinews, articulate liquid, connective tissue of skin. With its help balm well influences increase in elasticity of an articulate cartilage, interferes with its traumatizing at loadings.
Chondroitin sulfate is a specific unique component of a cartilage. Except the role of irreplaceable material for construction and restoration of cartilaginous tissue, chondroitin blocks free radicals, protecting tissue of a cartilage and collagen from destruction.
Extract of a comfrey provides the intensive soothing, anti-inflammatory and natural regenerating effect.
Natural essential oils of a juniper, carnation, an eucalyptus, rosemary and kayeput have anti-inflammatory effect, increase local immunity and accelerate regeneration of cells of skin, improve blood circulation.
Route of administration: to apply gel 2-4 times a day on problem sites.
Contraindications: intolerance of separate components.

Ingredients: water, comfrey extract, fresh-water sponge extract, isooctyl stearate, trietanolamine, acrylates / C 10-30 alkyl acrylate a crosspolimer, chondroitin sulfate of 0.5%, a glycosamine the hydrochloride of 0.5%, camphor, menthol, oils of a juniper, the kayeput, rosemary, an eucalyptus, a carnation, diazolidinit urea, yodopropinilbutilkarbamat, propylene glycol.


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