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White coal Active 700 mg (10 tablets)




White coal
Promotes adsorption from digestive tract and to removal from an organism ekzo- and endogenous toxic substances of various origin (including waste products of pathogenic microorganisms, food and bacterial tallergen).
Indirectly promotes reduction of manifestations of toksiko-allergic reactions, decrease in metabolic load of bodies of a detoxication (first of all — the liver and kidneys), to correction of exchange processes and the immune status, elimination of an imbalance of biologically active agents in an organism, strengthens an intestines vermicular movement.
Distinctive characteristics of white coal in comparison with black, activated carbon
Sorption properties of white coal are ten times higher than similar indicators for black, activated carbon. An average daily dose of activated carbon — 20-30 grams or 100 tablets. An average daily dose of white coal — 2-12 grams or 9 tablets.
Unlike coal sorbents which can injure mucous a GIT and cause constipations owing to delay of advance of stool on intestines that the calla leads to bigger absorption of liquid and the corresponding reduction of damp weight, silicon dioxide stimulates motility in doses of 100, 330 and 1000 mg/kg, promoting advance of intestinal contents and increase in damp weight a calla.

Processes of rotting, fermentation.
Hypersecretion of slime, HCl, gastric juice.

Salts of heavy metals.
Food intoxication.
Food toxicoinfection.
A burn disease in a stage of a toxaemia and a septicotoxemia.
Renal failure.
Chronic hepatitis.
Acute viral hepatitis.
Atopic dermatitis.
Bronchial asthma.
Chronic cholecystitis.
Poisonings with chemical compounds and medicines (including organophosphorous and organochlorine compounds, psychoactive medicines).
Allergic diseases.
Abstinence alcoholic syndrome.
Intoxication at oncological patients against the background of beam and chemotherapy.
Preparation for X-ray and endoscopic inspections (for reduction of content of gases in intestines).

1 tablet contains structure:

Active ingredients

Silicon dioxide (210 mg).
Microcrystalline cellulose.


Icing sugar, potato starch.
In the blister of 10 tablets. In a cardboard box 1 blister.

Individual intolerance of components.
Pregnancy and period of a lactation.
A peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum in an aggravation stage.
Ulcers and erosion of a mucous membrane of intestines.
Gastric and intestinal bleedings.
Intestinal impassability.
Precautionary measures
Before use the consultation of the doctor is necessary.
The note for the persons having diabetes: 1 tablet contains 0.26 g of sucrose (equivalent of 0.026 grain units).

To Use a route of administration not earlier, than in 1 hour prior to meal. Crushing or chewing of tablets increases efficiency of sorption, but is not obligatory.
To adults and children aged from 14 years is also more senior — on 3-4 tablets 3-4 times a day in intervals between meals, to wash down with drinking water.


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