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Vito Plus Laxative complex extracts of senna, fennel and apricot (30 tablets)




Vito Plus a complex of extracts of Senna, fennel and apricot No. 30 of a tablet
Useful properties of Senna (the Alexandria leaf, or a cassia ostrolisty) are known to people from antiquity. The laxative effect caused by reception of Senna normalizes work of intestines and helps to cope with constipations. Senna contains in the structure the main active ingredients — the antraglikozida having the significant laxative effect. The mechanism of action consists in irritation of receptors of a mucous membrane of digestive tract, decrease in secretion and also increase in a vermicular movement in department of a large intestine. Fennel ordinary is the same, as pharmaceutical fennel. In the people it is called voloshsky fennel, sweet fennel. Fennel has a pleasant anisic smell and sweetish spiciness. This perennial herbaceous plant. which is more often grown up as a biennial plant or an annual plant. Fennel has pryanoaromatichesky and medicinal properties.
Fruits contain a significant amount radio (2-6%) and fat (9-12%) oils, much vitamin, especially provitamin A, ascorbic acid (up to 93%) and vitamin E. There are also vitamins K, Bz, RR (niacin), biotin, foliyeey acid and others. There are a sodium (86 mg of %), potassium (494 mg of %), calcium (109 mg of %), iron (2.7 me Fennel is long since used in medicine. Ancient saxophones included it e number of ten sacred herbs which cured of ten prime causes of diseases. Fruits – fennel increase appetite, promote a vydvlyoniya of pishchevaritepny juice, laxative, antiantispasmodic work as soothing, expectorant, diuretic. Drugs of fennel are appointed at an atony of a stomach and the intestines, dyspepsia, gastric and intestinal gripes caused by spasms of smooth muscles, a meteorism, bronchitis and whooping cough.
Fruits of an apricot contain apple, lemon, wine acids, sugar, starch, iron, phosphorus, tannins, magnesium, silver, compounds of iodine, vitamins C, 8, R, N, E, pectin – Useful properties of an apricot: increase in level of hemoglobin, regulation of process of a kroveteoreniye, improvement of memory and activity of a brain, also it has laxative effect, diuretic, antiedematous action, removes salts of heavy metals. The apricot is useful suffering anemia, obesity, cardiovascular, renal zaboleaaniye, constipations.
Packaging: 30 tablets weighing 500 mg.
Ingredients: main substances: juice of an apricot dry (34.0%), extract of Senna dry (13.8%), extract of fennel dry (2.0%), excipients: dextrose (46.8%), sodium of a kroskaramelloz E468 (1.0%), talc of a pharmakopeyna E553 (iii) (1.0%), magnesium E470 stearate (1.0%), silicon dioxide amorphous (aerosil) E551 (0.5%). Content is to 1 tablet: Sennozida, not less than 5 mg Dietary supplement to Complex of Extracts of Senna, Fennel and Apricot food the Scope: as dietary supplement to food source of aantrakhinon (sennozid).
Recommendations about use: the adult on 2 tablets a day at meal time. Reception duration — 2 weeks. Before use it is recommended to consult with the doctor.
Contraindications: individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, feeding by a breast, tendency to diarrhea, chronic diseases of digestive tract in an aggravation stage. Storage conditions: in dry, protected from light and the place, inaccessible for children, at a temperature not above 25 °C. Implementation: through pharmacy chain and specialized shops, departments of retail chain stores. Is not medicine. Expiration date: 2 years.


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