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Vitamins for diabetics 400 mg (30 tablets)




Ingredients: 1 tablet contains:
Beta carotene – 2.0 mg. Vitamin E of-18 mg. Vitamin C – 90 mg. B1 vitamin – 2.4 mg. B2 vitamin – 1.5 mg. Pantothenic acid – 3.0 mg. B6 vitamin – 6.0 mg. B12 vitamin – 1.5 mg. Niacinamide – 7.5 mg. Biotin – 30 mkg. Folic acid of-300 mkg. Zinc – 12 mg. Chrome – 0.2 mg.
Pharmacological properties
of the Dosage of vitamins are picked up so that taking into account the consumed food the required day norm is provided.
Except vitamins the complex contains two the major for patients dtabety a microelement – zinc and chrome.
Zinc is a part of insulin and many vital enzymes, promotes decrease in glucose in blood. It is necessary for normal functioning of the immune system, for all processes of regeneration and restoration. Is antioxidant, slows down aging process.
Chrome is a microelement which increases efficiency of insulin. It promotes forming of the necessary stereoform at insulin thanks to what this hormone can effectively transfer glucose to cells. Chrome improves sensitivity to insulin and reduces blood sugar level at people with diabetes of the 1st and 2nd type. At the same time intake of chrome promotes decrease in level of cholesterol in blood and body weights at patients with obesity.
One more important advantage is that the Vitamins for Patients with Diabetes complex does not contain some sugar and sweeteners.
Vitamins for patients with diabetes apply to prevention and treatment of hypovitaminoses, especially at the patients having diabetes. The vitamin and mineral complex consisting of 11 vital vitamins and 2 microelements (zinc and chrome) is developed especially for the patients having diabetes. It is necessary as an additional source of vitamins, zinc and chrome for elimination of their deficit in an organism in diabetes.
The mode of dosing
of the Tablet are appointed inside, the adult, after a meal, on 1 tablets a day as an additional source of vitamins, zinc and chrome for correction of their deficit in an organism, especially to the patients having diabetes.


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