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Vita-PIC 5g eye ointment




The instruction for use of a product of medical purpose the Name of a product of medical purpose of Vit-POS, oculentum, 5 g contains Structure and the description of a product of 1 g of oculentum of Vit-POS: Retinolum palmitate (vitamin A palmitate) – 250 ME, paraffin, liquid paraffin, lanolin and white vaseline. Vit-POS is the sterile ointment containing vitamin A in the form of palmitate Retinolum. The vitamin A which is a component of a natural plaintive film gives to means gentle oily consistence which provides ideal distribution on the surfaces of an eye and mixing of ointment with a natural tear and also good tolerance of means. Being evenly distributed it is also long keeping on the front surface of an eye (cornea and a conjunctiva), Vit-POS promotes improvement of a condition of a plaintive film and, thereby, reliably protects a cornea from drying. Use of Vit-POS promotes fast disappearance of subjective symptoms of burning, dryness and discomfort in eyes. A scope – for improvement of a condition of a plaintive film and protection of a surface of an eye, elimination of discomfort at fatigue of eyes and feeling of dryness, feeling of a foreign body, burning in the eyes including arising under influence: • climatic factors, such as artificial atmosphere indoors, the car and the plane, wind, cold, bright sunlight, the polluted air or cigarette smoke, • intensive visual loading, for example, during the long work with the computer and the camera or at long viewing TV programs, during driving of the car at night day, when carrying contact lenses the Route of administration Is recommended to put a strip of means of Vit-POS 1 cm long in a conjunctival sac of each eye from 1 to 3 times a day. Especially effective use of Vit-POS before going to bed. Frequency of use is established individually depending on requirement, lifestyle and according to the recommendations of the ophthalmologist. Duration of use of means is not limited. Means of Vit-POS is intended for individual use. Turn off the cap closing a tuba tip. Slightly incline the head back, delay a lower eyelid a little and squeeze out a small strip of ointment in a conjunctival sac of an eye, having slightly pressed a tuba, not rumpling and not skatyvy it. Slowly close an eyelid. Carefully close a tuba tip after use. Oculentums should be applied, avoiding contact of a tip of a tuba with an eye or skin. Contraindications – hypersensitivity to any of oculentum components Special instructions On the basis of the available data, children, pregnant women and the nursing women can also apply Vit – the SETTLEMENT of Vit-POS cannot be applied during carrying contact lenses. It is not necessary to apply Vit-POS along with other ophthalmologic medicines. When such use is necessary, Vit-POS it is necessary to put approximately in 30 minutes after medicine use. As right after use of means of Vit-POS there can be a short-term disturbance of visual acuity leading to increase in time of reaction it it is not recommended to apply just before the beginning of work with mechanisms and driving of motor transport. In this regard it is recommended to apply Vit-POS before going to bed. To Store storage conditions at the room temperature (15 – 25 °C). To store in the places inaccessible for children! 3 years not to apply an expiration date after the termination of the expiration date specified on packing (). An expiration date after the first use – 6 months at storage at the room temperature (15 – 25 °C). The name, a legal address of the manufacturing organization of a product of medical purpose, the address of location of production of URSAFARM Artsnaymittel GmbH, the Industriyestrasse 35, 66129 Saarbruecken, Germany the Name and the address of the organization accepting in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan a claim (offer) from consumers Representative office of LLC Sona-Pharm in Almaty, RK Almaty, Gogol St. 77/85, office 68


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