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Verbena clean vessels 50 ml forte drops




Verbena – clean vessels – structure
On 100 ml:

a verbena medicinal – (grass) – 2.5 g,
a mountain ash black-fruited (fruits) – 2.5 g,
a clover meadow (flowers) – 1.0 g,
blackcurrant (casting) – 1.0 g,
a ginkgo of a bilob (leaves) – 0.8 g,
Gotha a stake (grass) – 0.3 g,
a calendula medicinal (flowers) – 0.3 g,
a dandelion medicinal (root) – 0.3 g,
auxiliary components: aspasvit, citric acid, sodium benzoate, water, alcohol of 1.5%.
of the Drop ‘A verbena – clean vessels’ – phytodrug of new generation. Makes combined effect on blood vessels: strengthens and cleans walls of arteries and veins, restores the damaged capillaries, reduces cholesterol level, improves microcirculation, normalizes exchange processes at the cellular level. Increases immunity and has fortifying effect, enhances effectiveness of complex therapy.
a direction of use
with the Adult on 20 drops, having diluted in 1/2 glasses of water 3 times a day at meal time. Before the use to shake up.
side effects and contraindications
Individual intolerance of components of a product, pregnancy, feeding by a breast.
Has no side effects, does not cause accustoming at prolonged use.


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