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Vagilayf 10s vaginal suppositories




The instruction for use of a product of medical purpose the Name of a product of medical purpose Vagilife vaginal suppositories Structure and the description of a product contains One suppository: hyaluronic acid (in the form of sodium salt) 10.0 mg, lactic acid of 5.0 mg, fat firm up to 1600.0 mg. Vaginal suppositories Vagilife are intended for topical administration, vaginalno, for the purpose of moistening, restoration and protection of a mucous membrane of a vagina. After introduction of a suppository to a vagina, under the influence of body temperature it melts and mixes up with a vaginal secret. The hyaluronic acid which is present at structure of a suppository, getting on mucous vaginas, forms a protective gel film which promotes restoration of physiological functions mucous vaginas on its surface, removes inflammation, facilitates and accelerates healing processes, restores normal humidity of a vagina. Lactic acid reduces an indicator rn vagina environments. A low indicator rn (3.8-4.2) creates unfavorable conditions for development of pathogenic microflora and promotes recovery of natural balance of useful microflora of a vagina. Suppositories Vagilife is recommended to apply indications to moistening, restoration and protection of a mucous membrane of a vagina at states which are followed by dryness of a vagina. Vagilife it is necessary to apply: – for prevention of emergence of symptoms of dryness of a vagina, connected, with age changes, deficiency of estrogen, replacement hormonal therapy or use of contraceptives, – for mitigation and prevention of inflammations around vulvar lips, – at dryness of the mucous membrane of a vagina which is followed by reddening and hypostasis – as supportive application in need of healing of damages mucous vaginas after the delivery, gynecologic and surgical interventions, – in the presence of symptoms of an atrophy mucous vaginas, as a result of chemotherapy, beam or radiotheraphy, – during the weakening of a tone of muscles of a vagina, discomfort, morbidity during sexual intercourse, – for support and restoration of an optimum indicator of acidity of a vaginal secret. A route of administration Before introduction of a suppository carefully to wash up hands. If a suppository too soft, before use it is necessary to place for several minutes it in the fridge. For introduction one suppository – before going to bed, once a day within 14-20 days is used (but no more). Changes by quantity and frequency rate of use of suppositories according to the recommendation of the doctor are allowed. Use of suppositories should be planned so that treatment was not interrupted with periods. Special instructions Suppositories are intended only for vaginal use! Not to swallow! Use of suppositories is not recommended during periods. Women during pregnancy and a lactation can apply suppositories only after consultation with the doctor. Vagilife is not recommended to use suppositories along with other means intended for vaginal introduction. For prevention of emergence of difficult deleted pollution on linen when using suppositories, it is recommended to use sanitary pads. Use of suppositories during a usage time of latex condom is not recommended (possibly interaction of active components of suppositories with latex components). Not to take measures at patients with hypersensitivity to any of drug components. If after use of drug there was strengthening of adverse feelings in a vagina, eczema, a tumor or other symptoms and manifestations which were not observed earlier on external genitals developed, it is necessary to stop use of suppositories and to see behind consultation a doctor. Not to use a medical product after expiry date. It is not necessary to use suppositories at disturbance of integrity of the package. Packing the Cardboard pack contains 10 suppositories (2 blisters on 5 suppositories). To Store storage conditions in the dry, protected from light place at a temperature not above 25 °C. The product of medical purpose should be stored out of children’s reach. An expiration date 2 years Prescription status without prescription Biofaktor Sp Producer. z o o. Czysta 4, 96 – 100 Skierniewice St., Poland. Address of location of production Biofaktor Sp. z o o. Gorsow Wlkp St. Podmiejska 15C, 66-400, Poland. The holder of the registration certificate of Medoptik LLP, the Republic of Kazakhstan the Address of the organization accepting in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan claims from consumers on quality of products (goods) of Medoptik LLP, Republic of Kazakhstan Almaty, Ogarev St. 2


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