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Traumeel S® 2.2 ml injection (100 ampoules)


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The instruction for medical use of the TRAUMEL S homeopathic medicine the Trade name Traumel About the International unlicensed name Is not present the Dosage form Solution for injections of 2.2 ml Structure of 2.2 ml of solution contain active agents: Arnica montana D2 of 2.20 mg, Calendula officinalis D2 of 2.20 mg, Chamomilla recutita D3 of 2.20 mg, Symphytum officinale D6 of 2.20 mg, Achillea millefolium D3 of 2.20 mg, Atropa bella-donna D2 of 2.20 mg, Aconitum napellus D2 of 1.32 mg, Bellis perennis D2 of 1.10 mg, Hypericum perforatum D2 of 0.66 mg, Echinacea D2 of 0.55 mg, Echinacea purpurea D2 of 0.55 mg, Hamamelis virginiana D1 of 0.22 mg, Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni D6 of 1.10 mg, Hepar sulfuris D6 of 2.20 mg, excipients: water for injections, sodium chloride. Description Transparent, flavourless colourless solution. Pharmacotherapeutic group Drugs for treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system others. The ATX M09AX code the Pharmacological Pharmacokinetics to Investigate properties pharmacokinetic properties of homeopathic medicines is not possible. The pharmacodynamics Drug has anti-inflammatory, analgetichesky, antiexudative, antihemorrhagic, venotoniziruyushchy, immunomodulatory and reparative effect. Effect of drug is based activations of protective forces of an organism and normalization of the broken functions at the expense of substances of plant and mineral origin which are a part of drug in homeopathic dilutions. Calcium and such vegetable components as Aconitum and Arnica strengthen walls of vessels, reduce puffiness and formation of exudates. Homeopathic doses of mercury reduce extent of inflammation. Aconitum, Arnica, Hamamelis, Hypericum, Millefolium, Bellis perennis stop bleeding in injuries and interfere with formation of hematomas. At the same time Aconitum, Arnica and Hypericum, together with Chamomilla, Atropa belladonna have soothing effect. Hepar sulfur and such vegetable components as Arnica, Calendula, Echinaca and Symphytum activate exchange processes and improve regeneration, increase immunity. Short characteristic of indications to use of separate components of a compounding Traumel With: Arnica montana D2 – Bleedings, venous staz, myalgia after retension, diseases of arterial and venous vessels. Any injuries, contusions. Septic states: prevention of purulent infections. The means toning muscles. Calendula officinalis D2 – Badly healed wounds, ulcers, the fragmentary hurt wounds, frostbites and burns of skin. Injuries with the significant inflammation, suppuration and morbidity. Promotes forming of healthy granulations and acceleration of healing by first intention. Styptic means. Hamamelis virginiana D1 – the Varicosity of veins, hemorrhoids, bleedings from skin and mucous membranes. The increased morbidity of veins. Influences a wall of veins (weakened). Kills pain in the postoperative period. Achillea millefolium D3 – Various type of bleeding, pain in spasms. The restrained hernia. Long feverish syndrome. Pain in the form of the penetrating blows. Atropa bella-donna D2 – Acute inflammatory diseases with fever, especially skin and joints. Hyperaemia and puffiness of connective tissue and mucous. Flying rheumatic pains, convulsive twitchings of extremities. Spasms. Aconitum napellus D2 – Acute inflammatory diseases with fever, painful diseases of nerves. Defeat of serous covers and muscles (inflammation). Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni D6 – Tendency to suppurations of any kind. Appendicitis. Liver diseases with a fur and prints of teeth, strong thirst, a fetid smell from a mouth. Increase and inflammation of lymphatic glands, exhaustion. Damage of lymphatic system, bones and internals. Ostealgia. Hepar sulfuris D6 – Inflammations and suppurations of skin and mucous membranes. Chamomilla recutita D3 – Sharp pains, conditions of excitement, a depression. Intolerable pain with numbness. Uterine bleeding. Lumbago. Muscle tension of a neck. Symphytum officinale D6 – Accelerates epithelization. Gastralgia, ulcer of stomach and 12-perstny gut. Damages of synovial membranes, sinews. Affects joints in general. Nonunion of bones in fractures. The pricking pain and morbidity of a periosteum. Bellis perennis D2 – Affects unstriated muscles of blood vessels. Bleedings, hemorrhages. Stretchings, bruises. Furuncles. Exudation, staz, swell. Muscular pains, especially after retension. Venous stagnation. Injuries, especially deep fabrics. Echinacea D2 – Maintenance therapy of heavy feverish infections (increase in immunity). Sepsis symptoms. Erysipelatous inflammation and purulent ulcers. Furuncles. Gangrene. Postnatal infections. Echinacea purpurea D2 – Maintenance therapy of heavy feverish infections (increase in immunity). Hypericum perforatum D2 – Injury of nerves, especially on fingers of brushes and feet. Extreme morbidity. Significantly relieves pain after operations. Indications – injuries, such as stretchings, dislocations, bruises, hematomas, hemarthrosis, fractures – post-operational and posttraumatic swelled, a swelling of soft tissues – the inflammatory and degenerative processes connected with inflammation of different bodies and fabrics, including the musculoskeletal system (tendovaginitis, a styloiditis, an epicondylitis, a bursitis, a humeroscapular periarthritis) – arthrosis of a hip joint, knee and small joints – a concussion of the brain the Route of administration and doses to Adults and children from 12 years Use intramusculary, subcutaneously, vnutrikozhno (in case of hems), intravenously, vnutrisustavno or vokrugsustavno 1 – 2 ampoule of 1 – 3 time a week. In sharp cases – daily. Course of treatment: in dislocations and stretchings – 2 weeks and more, in inflammatory diseases – not less than 3-4 weeks. As experience of use of this drug by children has no sufficient documentary confirmation, to children up to 12 years to accept only after consultation with the doctor. Side effects Seldom – skin allergic reactions (reddening, a swelling and an itching) at hypersensitivity to components (for example, a yarrow ordinary, a camomile pharmaceutical, a marigold medicinal, a daisy long-term, a purple cone-flower, an arnica mountain or to other plants of family of a thistle family) at these symptoms drug should be cancelled. Skin rash and an itching and also in rare instances a face edema, short wind, dizziness and falling of blood pressure, are observed at treatment by the drugs containing extract a purple cone-flower. – the increased salivation (merkurius solyubilis ganeman) (administration of drug to cancel and consult with the doctor) Contraindications – hypersensitivity to one of active or excipients: ordinary yarrow, camomile pharmaceutical, marigold medicinal, daisy long-term, purple cone-flower, arnica mountain or other plants of family of a thistle family. Homeopathic medicinal means containing a purple cone-flower, it is not necessary to use in a case: – a leukosis and leykozopodobny diseases – autoimmune diseases (diseases of connective tissue, multiple sclerosis) – chronic infectious diseases (tuberculosis, HIV) Medicinal interactions of Interaction with other medicines are not established. Special instructions Can temporarily become aggravated the available disease symptoms. In this case it is necessary to lower a dose of drug and to increase intervals between its receptions or to temporarily cancel administration of drug. If symptoms did not stop, it is necessary to address for medical consultation. Use in pediatrics As experience of use of this drug by children has no sufficient documentary confirmation, to children up to 12 years to accept only after consultation with the doctor. Pregnancy and the period of a lactation of Clinical data on use during pregnancy and a lactation is not available. Influence on ability to run the vehicle or potentially dangerous mechanisms is not established to feature of influence of medicine on ability to run the vehicle or potentially dangerous mechanisms. Overdose Cases of overdose of drug are not described. A form of release and packing On 2.2 ml of drug in an ampoule from colourless glass, in an upper part of an ampoule – a blue dot. On 5 ampoules in blister strip packaging from PVC. On 1 or 20 planimetric packs together with the instruction for use in the state and Russian languages put in a cardboard box. To Store storage conditions in external cardboard packing at a temperature from 15 °C to 30 °C. To store out of children’s reach! Not to use a period of storage of 5 years after the expiration of the storage specified on packing. Prescription status According to the prescription the Producer/packer of “Biologishe Haylmittel Heel GmbH”, Germany Dr. Rekeveg Strasse 2-4, 76532 Baden-Baden the Name and the country of the owner of the registration certificate of “Biologishe Haylmittel Heel GmbH”, Germany the Address of the organization in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan: the accepting claim (offer) on quality of medicines from consumers, responsible for post-registration observation of safety of medicine of AEM Services LLP 050040, RK, Almaty, Al-Farabi Ave., 75A, office 102-103 of +7 707 798 83 99


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