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Tagansorbent with silver ions 1g 30s powder pack.




Tagansorbent International unlicensed name: There is no Dosage form: Powder of 1 g Ingredients: 1 g of powder contains: active agent – natural mineral sodium-calcium-magnesium montmorillonite of 100%. Description: Powder from light pink till dark gray color, flavourless, slightly astringent taste. Drug is insoluble in the water purified, divorced alkalis and acids. Pharmacokinetics: Tagansorbent it is not soaked up, removed in not changed look. Tagansorbent has the following parameters: 1) The big specific surface (more than 800 mg2/g) 2) the Electrokinetic potential (negative, positive charges) 3) Thin dispersion (75%&lt, 0.001 mm) 4) Exchange capacity – Na +, Sa ++, Mg ++, K+ (ability to remove up to 300 mg/g of toxic substances) 5) of pH – 7.2 – 8.0 Thanks to such crystal structure of Tagansorbent at his dissolution in water, suspension gets a negative charge, Sa ++, Mg ++ is saturated with Na cations +, K+ and in such look is easily transported on gastrokishichnomu to a path. Na cations + the exchange capacity of Tagansorbent, pass from an intestines gleam in a cell. On the contrary, parts of the initial substance Tagansorbenta do not get and are not soaked up in a blood system because of the big sizes, and with the bacteria adsorbed on the surface, by viruses and other toxic agents are brought out of an organism with stool. Tagansorbent does not connect albumens, enzymes and vitamins. Pharmacodynamics: Drug of natural origin, has the adsorbing effect. Blagodr of high dispersion of the initial substance Tagansorbenta, he getting to water, bulks up and covers a mucous membrane of intestines, enveloping and protecting it. The specific surface of Tagansorbent occludes toxic substances of the biological and chemical nature. Stabilizes a mucous barrier, forms polyvalent bonds with slime glycoproteins, improves gastroprotektivny Tagansorbenta properties, protecting mucous membranes of the digestive tract (DT) from negative effect of H+ of ions, hydrochloric acid, bile acids, microorganisms, their toxins, radionuclides, salts of heavy metals and other irritants. Tagansorbent’s pH remains at different values rn digestive tract, it does not contain toxic impurity. At the expense of it does not cause irritation mucous a stomach and intestines. The above-mentioned Tagansorbenta parameters allow to lower toxic load of the systems of an organism and to improve a gemolimfotsirkulyation, to stimulirirovat the systems of a natural detoxication. Tagansorbent it is harmless and almost indifferent for an organism. Indications: As a part of complex therapy: – acute and chronic diarrhea (including allergic, medicinal, infectious genesis, at disturbances of a diet and qualitative structure of food of food) – food toxicoinfections (including botulism) – heartburn, a meteorism and discomfort in a stomach in hepatitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, gastritis, a gastroduadenita, a reflux esophagitis, a peptic ulcer of a stomach and a duodenum, colitis, a coloenteritis – dysbacterioses of various etiology. For the purpose of prevention: – a pneumatosis intestinalis by preparation of an organism during the preoperative period and to diagnostic procedures (roentgenoscopy of a stomach, colonoscopy, an irrigoskopiya, ultrasonography) – poisonings with salts of heavy metals, lead dust, ionizing radiation and other mean agents for inhabitants of adverse regions in the ecological relation, employees of the chemical companies, etc. Route of administration and doses: For internal use by the Adult on 1 g 3 times a day. Part 1 g of powder in 1/2 glasses of water. At simultaneous use with other drugs it is recommended to apply Tagansorbent irrespective of meal, in 2 hours prior to or after administration of drug. At serious conditions the increase in a dose up to 9-27 g a day is possible. In the preventive purposes – on 2 g before going to bed within a month 4 times a year. To children from the neonatality period to 1 year – powder is dissolved in 50 ml of water and distributed on 4 receptions during the day. From a year to 2 years – on 1 g in two steps, 2 years the adult’s dose are more senior. Duration of treatment is determined by the attending physician. For external use 1. in the form of powder – periodontosis – an intertrigo, decubituses – poisoning with poisonous plants – wounds, burns – places of stings of insects (bees, mosquitoes). 2. in the form of suspension (1 g on 1/3 glasses of water) – rinsing of a mouth in periodontosis – washing of a mucous membrane of eyes and a nasopharynx in a pollinosis, food and medicamentous intoxication, ORZ, a SARS and viral infections. Side effects: Seldom: constipations which pass at a dose decline. Contraindications: Intestinal impassability, hypersensitivity to drug components. Medicinal interactions: Pharmaceutical chemically incompatible combinations are not revealed. The Pharmakodinamichesky effect of Tagansorbent® at simultaneous use connects with drugs and brings medicine out of an organism. The Pharmakodinamichesky effect of synergism is shown at use of Tagansorbenta® in 1.5 hours prior to intake of medicine. In this case Tagansorbent® prolongs and strengthens effect of medicine. At reception of Tagansorbenta® in 1.5 hours after use of medicine has protective effect on mucous digestive tract. Special instructions: The patient has to see a doctor if after administration of drug within 7 days there is no reduction of symptoms and also in cases when an abdominal pain is followed by temperature or vomiting. Pregnancy and a lactation At pregnancy and in the period of a lactation is applied according to indications. The feature of influence of medicine on ability to run the vehicle or potentially dangerous mechanisms does not influence. Overdose: Not revealed. Packaging: Powder in bags on 1 g No. 12, No. 30. On 1 g of drug stack in packages from parchment, then on 12, 30 packages stack in plastic bags and together with the instruction for use stack in boxes of paper. Storage conditions: To store at a temperature from +5 to +25os in the dry place, at relative humidity no more than 80%, far from ostropakhnushchy and toxic substances. To store out of children’s reach! An expiration date – on packing not to apply after an expiration date. Prescription status: Without prescription


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