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Sanorin Aqua Seawater 30 ml nasal spray


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Instruction for medical use of a product of medical purpose Name of a product of medical purpose Sanorin Akwa Sea water, nasal spray of 30 ml Structure and description of a product: Sea water – 21.0 g and the water purified – 9.0 g (normative document of the producer). Does not contain preservatives. Does not cause accustoming. Name and (or) trademark of the manufacturing organization Pharmalink, S.L., Spain Scope: Sanorin Akwa Sea water helps to bring excess of liquid out of cells of a mucous membrane of a nose thanks to osmotic effect of hypertonic salt solution. Besides mechanical cleaning and moistening of upper airways, the osmotic effect promotes reduction of hypostasis of mucous membranes and can be used as a part of complex therapy for treatment of atrophic and subatrophic rhinitises, allergic and vasomotorial rhinitises (especially at persons with hypersensitivity to medicines), adenoidites at children, inflammatory diseases of a nasal cavity, nasal bosoms and a nasopharynx (for clarification and moistening of a mucous membrane of a nose). For prevention Sanorin Akwa Sea water can be used: – in nasal cavity infections during the autumn and winter period, – at dryness of a mucous membrane of a nasal cavity (to the patients and persons living and working in rooms with artificial atmosphere and/or central heating – at age atrophic changes mucous a nose at people of advanced age, – to people whose mucous membrane of upper airways constantly is exposed to harmful effects (smokers, drivers of motor transport working in hot and dusty shops, being in regions with severe climatic conditions) the Route of administration Stir up a container before use and remove a protective cap. At the first use, can be required to press several times the applicator to solution discharge. Enter accurately nasal applicator into one nasal course and press a tip cuff on both sides. Repeat process with other nasal course. Wash a tip with water and dry up. Cover the nasal applicator protective before the following use. The recommended dose: On 1-2 irrigations in each nasal course 3 times a day. Contraindications – children’s age up to 6 years. Precautionary measures (safety) Pregnancy and feeding by a breast are not contraindications For the hygienic reasons and for prevention of transfer of pathogenic microorganisms the bottle has to be used only by one person. There can be a small feeling of congestion of a nose during its use, this feeling will disappear in a few minutes. If the strong discomfort appears during its use, stop treatment and see a doctor. The form of release and packing Spray in a bottle of 30 ml, the supplied nasal applicator and the instruction for use in the state and Russian languages place in a cardboard box. Storage conditions not to use solution more than 1 month after opening of a bottle. To store out of children’s reach. To store in the dry and cool place. Expiration date 3 years. Not to apply after expiry date! Transportation Is transported by all means of transport in the covered vehicles according to the rules of transportations existing on this type of transport at a temperature from 1 °C to 40 °C. Prescription status Without prescription the Producer: Pharmalink, S.L., Avda. Universitat Autonoma, 13 Parc Techologic del Vallés, 08290, Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona), Spain the Address of the organization accepting in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan claims from consumers on quality of products (goods) of limited liability partnership Xantis Pharma (Ksantis of Pharm), Almaty, Auezov St. 48, office 3/2. The address of the organization responsible for postregitsratsionny observations of safety of products (goods) in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan limited liability partnership Xantis Pharma (Ksantis of Pharm), Almaty, Auezov St. 48, office 3/2. Quality of this medical product and production capacities of the company Pharmalink, S.L, Spain, meet all international quality standards that is confirmed with the certificate of ISO 13485:2004 and the declaration of compliance on a product


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