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Rotafer plus (30 capsules)s




Instruction for use
Capsule soderzhitaktivny substances: folic acid 0.35 mgvitamin B2 (Riboflavinum) of 1 mg
B1 vitamin (thiamine hydrochloride) 2 mgvitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 2 mgzhelez (III) hydroxide polimaltoeny complex 40 mgtsinka gluconate of 24 mg
Excipients: microcrystalline cellulose, mannitol, silicon dioxide colloidal anhydrous, magnesium stearate. Structure of a cover of the capsule: the titan dioxide, ferrous oxide red, gelatin
the Description
Solid gelatin capsules the size ‘0’, the body and a lid of brownish-pink color containing powder from gray till dark gray color with white particles.
Rotafer Plus – the combined product of iron, zinc and vitamins of group B. This macromolecular complex is stable, does not emit iron in the form of free ions, is similar in structure to natural compound of iron and a ferrigin. Thanks to such similarity, FeJ ions’ from intestines come to blood only by active absorption that explains impossibility of overdose (and intoxications) with a product unlike plain salts of iron which absorption happens on a concentration gradient. The soaked-up iron is deposited in a svyazankny look with ferritin mainly in a liver.
Zinc – an important element of a human body which generally contains in erythrocytes in a look zinc metalenzyme of a karboangidraza and, to a lesser extent, and blood plasma in a snizanny state with and-2-makrishobupinom. Vkhodii in structure more than 70 enzymes catalyzing key stages of synthesis of DNA, RNA, proteins. Has the significant impact on processes of growth and maturing of fabrics, positively works at a delay of intellectual and physical development in children.
Folic acid – group B vitamin participating in key biological processes, namely in synthesis of DNA, RNA and proteins. At pregnancy, folic acid prevents development of defects of a neurotubule in a fruit. The deficiency of folates leads ment megaloblasti-chesky anemia. At deficiency of folic acid the termination of pregnancy, premature births and disturbance of intellectual development of the child can be observed.
Vitamin B, (thiamine a hydrochloride) is important active agent. In an organism as a result of processes of phosphorylation it prevrakshchatsya in cocarboxylase which is a coenzyme of many fermental reactions. Plays an important role in carbohydrate, proteinaceous and lipometabolism and also in processes of carrying out nervous excitement in synapses. Protects cell membranes from toxic influence of products of peroxide oxidation.
B2 vitamin (Riboflavinum) is the catalyst of cellular respiration and visual perception, plays an important role in DNA forming, promotes angenesis processes (including skin cells).

B6 vitamin (a pyridoxine a hydrochloride) in a fosforilirovanny form is a part of the enzymes participating in processes dekarboksilirova-a niya and transaminations of amino acids, lipidic exchange. It is necessary for normal functioning of peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system.

The scope
Is recommended as dietary supplement to food as an additional source of iron and vitamins of group B and zinc.
– the increased need for iron (pregnancy, the lactation period, donorship, the period of intensive growth, vegetarianism, advanced age).
Individual not shipping of components.
The route of administration and doses
of Rotafer Plus is intended for intake
the Dosage of a product and duration of reception depends on expressiveness of deficiency of iron. The daily dose of a product can be accepted 1 time a day. To accept in time or right after food, washing down with water.
At deficiency of iron of easy and moderate degree (iron deficiency anemia): 1 capsule a day within 3-5 months before normalization of level of hemoglobin in blood. After normalization of level of hemoglobin in blood the maintenance dose is appointed according to the recommendation of the doctor. Pregnant women should accept 1-2 capsules a day before normalization of level of hemoglobin. Then reception should be continued in a dosage 1 capsule a day, at least before childbirth for restoration of reserves of iron.
Day of prevention of latent deficiency of iron, as a part of complex therapy the patient am it is necessary to accept 1 capsule a day
the Form of release and packing
Firm zhepat inovy capsules. 15 capsules in the blister.
2 blisters together with the instruction in the state and Russian languages in a cardboard box.
To Store storage conditions in the place protected from moisture and light at a temperature not above 25 °C. Stores out of children’s reach!
An expiration date
3 years of date of production. Not to apply after an expiration date.
Implementation conditions
Through pharmacy chain and specialized shops, departments of retail chain stores.
Certificate of state registration of Ns KZ16.01.78.003.E.002611.11.14. Dietary supplement to food. Is not medicine


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