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Ranferon-12, 30 capsules


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S O S Ranferon-12 of T of AV Each capsule contains RANFERON-12:

Gland fumarates BP (equivalent 100 mg of element iron) – 305 mg
Folic acid of BP – 0.75 mg
USP Cyanocobalamine – 5 mkg
USP Ascorbic acid – 75 mg
of Zinc sulfate of BP – 5 mg
of O P I With AN I E Ranferon-12 (capsules, an elixir) contain the balanced complex vitally of the vazhnykhvitamin, iron and minerals necessary for a hemopoiesis of the izhiznedeyatelnost of an organism and also for satisfaction raised potrebnostiv them in iron deficiency and foliyevodefitsitny anemias. F A R of M of JSC O L O G I Ya Zhelezafumarat. Iron is necessary for a normal erythrogenesis, is a part of hemoglobin, provides oxygen transport in fabric, works as the Cofactor of mnogikhfermentny systems. The need for iron increases during pregnancy, a lactation, at periods and also during active growth. The most chastoyprichiny of a lack of iron are blood losses, gastrokishechnyekrovotecheniya. Askorbinovayakislota. Participates vbiologichesky processes of oxidation and restoration, is a moshchnymantioksidant. Influences formation of hemoglobin, maturing of erythrocytes, participates in metabolism of folic acid, increases iron absorption a vzheludochno-intestinal path, the normalizuyetpronitsayemost of capillaries participates in the system of fibrillation. Cyanocobalamine (B12 Vitamin). Has vysokoybiologichesky activity. Is a growth factor, it is necessary for a normalnogokrovetvoreniye and maturing of erythrocytes. Folic acid. Is a component of a complex of vitamins of group B. The lack of a foliyevoykislota slows down transition of a megaloblastichesky phase of a hemopoiesis vnormoblastichesky. Together with B12 vitamin stimulates an erythrogenesis, participates to a vsinteza of amino acids, nucleic acids, purines, pyrimidines and in an obmenekholin. The deficiency of folic acid and B12 vitamin can lead to a megaloblastnoyanemiya, neurologic disturbances. Folic acid is necessary for pregnant women of dlyanormalny development of nerve fibrils in a fruit. Zinc – a component of mnogikhfermentny systems, is present practically at all body tissues. The need for it increases at pregnancy and A R lactation.F of M of JSC O K I N E T I K A Net of data. P O K And FOR N I I am Dlyaprofilaktiki and treatments of iron deficiency and foliyevodefitsitny anemias. The Povyshennayapotrebnost in drug components at:

a hypochlorhydria,
chronic blood losses,
a burn disease,
the operated stomach,
a hemodialysis,
a Gee’s disease,
Crohn’s disease,
a sprue,
to patients on parenteral nutrition
to the people who are sharply losing weight.
P of E O O CHN D E Y S T V I E at administration of drugs of iron was not reported to O B About serious side effects. However, irritant action on zheludochno – the intestinal path, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, a diarrhea or a constipation can take place. P R O T I V O P O K A Z A N I I

am an urokoproporfiriya (late skin porphyria),
the ostryevospalitelny diseases of intestines,
anemias connected with an inefficient erythrogenesis,
a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum in an aggravation phase,
haemo chromatosis, hemosideroses,
allergic reactions to iron preparations.
About S O of O N Han’s B With T I Ranferon-12 capsules (Ranferon – the 12th elixir) are appointed between meals. At administration of drug, patients with hepatitis, snarusheniye of function of a liver, with acute infections of kidneys, with digestive tract diseases, a pseudorheumatism, hemoglobinopathies, hypersensitivity to iron preparations and disturbances of its exchange have to observe extra care. Controlled studying administration of drug during pregnancy it was not carried out, however any disturbances at reception of the recommended doses of any of the Ranferona components – 12 in II and III trimester of pregnancy were not described. Teratogenic, cancerogenic effects were not noted. The drugs containing iron should not be appointed to patients to whom repeated blood transfusions, to patients at whom anemia is not connected with deficiency of iron are made.Oral administration of drugs of iron should not accompany its parenteral appointment.D of V O Z I RO To And Ranferon-12kapsula: To patients with iron deficiency or foliyevo scarce anemias recommend reception of 1 capsule 2 – 3 times a day, reception for the purpose of prevention-1 capsule a day. Ranferon-12 elixir: At treatment iron deficiency or foliyevo scarce anemias at adults – 3 – 4 teaspoons (15 – 20 ml) a day. Preventive reception – 2 – 3 teaspoons (10 – 15 ml) a day. Doses at treatment by an iron deficiency anemia at children (depending on age): 0 – 3 months – 1/2chaynoy spoons in day, 2.5 ml a day, 3 – 9 months – 1 teaspoon a day, 5 ml a day, 9 – 12 months – 1 1/2 teaspoons a day, 7.5 ml a day, 1 – 3 years – 2 teaspoons a day, 10 ml a day, 4 – 6 years – 2 1/2 teaspoons a day, 12.5 ml a day, 7 – 10 years – 3 teaspoons a day, 15 ml a day. Preventive reception at children: 0 – 3 years – 0.75 ml a day, 4 – 10 years – 1.25 ml a day. In Z A And E D Mo of Y S T V I E Absorption of salts of iron and tetracyclines decreases at their concomitant use inside. Joint purpose of antacids and iron preparations leads to decrease in absorption of the last. X R A of E I Han’s N of V the dry place at a temperature no more than 25 °C. A period of storage 2 years from the moment of issue date. To store out of children’s reach. F V O R Ma of Y P U S K And the Bottle Capsule No. 30 with an elixir: 200 ml No. 1


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