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The instruction for medical use

of Pinosol® medicine

the Trade name
of Pinosol®

the International unlicensed name
Is not present

the Dosage form
Spray of nasal, 10 ml

1 ml of drug contains:
active agents: oils of a pine of mountain 35.0 mg, oils of mint 10.0 mg, oils of eucalyptus 5.0 mg, methyl-isopropyl phenol of 0.3 mg, α-tocopherol of acetate of 15.0 mg.
excipients: triglycerides with an average length of chain up to 1.0 ml

the Description
Transparent colourless or slightly yellowish, oily liquid with a characteristic smell

Pharmacotherapeutic group
Nasal drugs. Antikongestanta and other nasal drugs for topical administration. The combined

drugs ATX R01A X30 Code Pharmacological Pinosol® Properties possesses anti-inflammatory and antiedematous action, partially removes symptoms of local exudative reactions, reduces viscosity of a secretion of a mucous membrane of airways. Drug shows antibacterial activity concerning some strains of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and also possesses antifungal action concerning yeast and mold mushrooms.

– acute and chronic rhinitises of not allergic etiology
– nasopharyngites
– infectious and inflammatory diseases of a mucous membrane of a nose and nasopharynx
– laryngotracheitis

the Route of administration and doses
For nasal use.
Before use it is necessary to remove a protective cap of the pump doser, slightly pressing it fingers, to make 2 trial injections (not in the nasal courses), then to inject drug into each nasal course. After use it is necessary to close the pump doser a protective cap.
The recommended dose of Pinosol® for adults and children is more senior than 12 years: one injection in each nasal course of 3-6 times a day depending on expressiveness of inflammatory process.
Duration of treatment is determined by the attending physician depending on character and dynamics of a disease.

Side effects
– naggers
– burning of a nasal cavity
– hypostasis of a mucous membrane of a nasal cavity

of the Contraindication
– hypersensitivity to medicine components
– allergic rhinitises
– children’s age up to 12 years

the Medicinal interactions
are not known

Special instructions
Before use of the drug Pinosol® it is necessary to check individual reaction of the patient to drug after a single vspryskivaniye in a nose, in case of allergic reactions drug should be cancelled.
With care appoint to patients with diseases of a liver of heavy degree.
Not to allow hit of drug in eyes!
Pregnancy and the period of a lactation
Drug can be used in therapeutic doses during pregnancy and a lactation.
Features of influence of medicine on ability to run the vehicle or potentially dangerous mechanisms

the Overdose does not influence

the Form of release and packing
On 10 ml of drug is not revealed place in the bottles from brown glass supplied with the pump doser with the spray.
On bottles paste self-adhesive labels.
On 1 bottle together with the instruction for medical use in the state and Russian languages place in a cardboard box.

To Store storage conditions in the place protected from light at a temperature from 8 °C to 25 °C.
To store out of children’s reach!
After opening to store a bottle no more than 28 days.

A period of storage
2 years
not to use after an expiration date

Prescription status
Without prescription

the Producer/packer:
PJSC Pharmak, Ukraine

the Owner of the registration certificate
Zentiva ampere-second., the Slovak Republic
the Address of the organization accepting claims from consumers on quality of products (goods) in the territory of the Republic of KazahstanTOO Sanofi-aventis Kazakhstan 050013 Almaty, Furmanov St. 187 Btelefon: 8-727-244-50-96факс: 8-727-258-25-96e-mail:


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