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Phosphogliv forte (50 capsules)




Trade name
of Fosfogliv® forte

the International unlicensed name
Is not present

the Dosage form

of the Structure Capsule on one capsule
Active agents – phospholipids (Lipoid PPL-400) – 400 mg
(in terms of 100% substance) (the main component phosphatidylsincaline of 73-79%) – 300 mg, trinatriyevy salt of glycyrrhizic acid (sodium glycyrrhizinate) 65 mg,
excipients: butyl hydroxytoluene, alcohol ethyl grade luxury (ethanol), sunflower oil.
Structure of a cover of the capsule:
Capsules firm gelatinous No. 0
body and cover: the titan dioxide (E 171), dye ferrous oxide red (E 172), dye ferrous oxide black (E 172), dye ferrous oxide yellow (E 172), gelatin

the Description
of the Capsule firm gelatinous No. 0, the body and a cover of the capsule – brown color. Contents of capsules – oil pastelike weight from light yellow till orange-brown color with a slight specific smell.

Pharmacotherapeutic group
Drugs for treatment of diseases of a liver.
The ATX A05BA code

the Pharmacological

Pharmacokinetics Components properties of drug are well soaked up in intestines, as in the form of the whole molecule, and bioactive products of their hydrolysis (unsaturated fatty acids, sincaline, glitsirretovy acid) which after absorption through intestines walls easily get into a liver, lungs, skin and other bodies.
A pharmacodynamics
the Combined means. Has membrane stabilizing and hepatoprotective effect.
Fosfatidilkholin (main component of phospholipids) is the basic structural element of cellular and intracellular membranes, is capable to restore their structure and functions at damage, having cytoprotective effect.
Normalizes proteinaceous and lipidic exchanges, prevents loss by hepatocytes of enzymes and other active agents, restores disintoxication function of a liver, inhibits forming of connective tissue, reducing risk of developing of fibrosis and cirrhosis.
Glitsirat (glycyrrhizic acid and salts) possesses anti-inflammatory action, suppresses a reproduction of viruses in a liver and other bodies due to stimulation of products of interferon, increase in phagocytosis, increase in activity of natural cells killers. Has hepatoprotective effect thanks to antioxidant and membrane stabilizing activity. Exponentiates action of endogenous glucocorticosteroids, having anti-inflammatory and antiallergic effect at non-infectious damages of a liver.
At damages of skin due to membrane stabilizing and anti-inflammatory action of components limits distribution of process and promotes regress of a disease.
– a viral hepatitis (sharp and chronic)
– fatty degeneration of a liver (steatosis)
– other damages of a liver (medicinal, alcoholic, toxic)
– cirrhosis
– psoriasis

Accept the Route of administration and doses inside, at meal time, washing down with a small amount of liquid. The adult on 1-2 capsules 3 times a day, to children are more senior than 12 years – on 1 capsule 3 times a day. Duration of a course of treatment is 3 months.

Side effects
– at the increased individual sensitivity the appearance of skin rash which disappears after drug withdrawal
– seldom when exceeding daily doses is possible, can be noted a delay of sodium and liquid that is shown by peripheral hypostases and increase in arterial blood pressure, a hypopotassemia
At emergence of the specified symptoms, depending on their expressiveness, it is necessary to reduce a dose of drug and/or to appoint Spironolactonum on 50,100 mg a day.

– hypersensitivity to drug components
– pregnancy and in the period of a lactation
– children’s age up to 12 years

Medicinal interactions
are not described.

The special
instructions Take with caution at patients with portal hypertensia.
Features of influence of medicine on ability to run the vehicle or potentially dangerous mechanisms.
Data on negative influence of drug on ability to drive the car or to work with mechanisms are absent.

of Cases of overdose of drug it was not noted.
Glycyrrhizic acid which is a part of drug in high doses can cause the pseudo-corticosteroid effect representing increase in level of glucocorticosteroids and mineralokortikoid in blood. It leads to a delay of sodium and reduction of potassium in an organism and, as a result, to increase in level of arterial blood pressure, a water delay in an organism.
Treatment: in case of overdose symptomatic treatment.

The form of release and packing
On 10 capsules place in blister strip packaging from a film of the polyvinylchloride and printing aluminum foil varnished.
5 blister strip packagings together with the instruction for medical use in the state and Russian languages place in a pack from cardboard.

To Store storage conditions at a temperature not above 25 °C.
To store out of children’s reach!

3 years
not to use a period of storage after an expiration date.

Prescription status
According to the prescription

JSC Pharmstandard-Leksredstva Producer, 305022,


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