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Ostrum 0.25g (30 capsules)




Ostrum Dlya of acute mind and good memory the Description was forgotten about important issues and memorials Again? The attention became some scattered? And on the solution of simple tasks too much time began to leave? How to help itself with this situation? To improve work of a brain, special vitamins are necessary for you for a brain. The Evalar company offers a special complex of vitamins for a brain – Ostrum. – the Feature of the Ostrum capsules is that their structure contains irreplaceable vitamin of intelligence – sincaline. It accelerates passing of nervous impulses thanks to what the so-called sleeping brain cells get into gear even. Effect of sincaline is complemented with the whole complex of vitamins, minerals and biologically active agents for brain suralimentation, – B5, B6, B9, B12 Vitamins, being antioxidants, serve as good protection of a brain against an overload and early aging, – Ginkgo Biloba, supporting good cerebral circulation, promotes improvement of memory and attention, – Magnesium protects brain cells from aging and helps to improve memory. Thanks to it at you: memory improves, concentration of attention increases, creative thinking develops, increases intellectual rabotosposobnost1. With special vitamins for a brain Ostrum Vy you will notice that began to remember bigger amount of information, to quickly find the correct solutions and with gloss to solve even the most complex problems. Accept regularly vitamins for a brain Ostrum on 1 capsule a day. Ostrum – for acute mind and excellent memory in any vozraste2! 1 Action is confirmed with the certificate of conformity of the System of voluntary certification The brand of year of RU MG. 001. P1454 is also specified within influence of dietary supplement on the natural physiological processes in an organism depending on a food allowance (not medical action) 2 Ostrum the reception course – is intended 30 days for persons 18 years of age or over. Structure 1 capsule (daily reception) contains the Mass of % of RSN B12 2 Vitamin of mkg 200 * B5 vitamin (pantothenic acid) of 6 mg 100 B6 1,8 Vitamin of mg 90 B9 Vitamin (folic acid) of 0.15 mg 75 Holin a bitartrate of 140 mg of Magnesium orotat 70 mg Extract of a ginkgo of a bilob of 20 mg * does not exceed the top acceptable level of daily consumption Additional information the Route of administration by the Adult on 1 capsule a day at meal time. Reception duration — not less than 1 month. It is not recommended to Persons with individual intolerance of components of a product, to the pregnant women nursing. Before use it is recommended to consult with the doctor. Document SWAMP-SUBORS No. KZ. of 04.06.2014. The form of release of the Capsule No. 30 Mass of the Capsule is 0.25 g.


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