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NYSTATIN 500,000 IU 10s vaginal suppositories




The instruction for medical use

of NYSTATIN medicine

the Trade name


the International unlicensed

name Nystatin Dosage Form

Suppositories vaginal 250.000 PIECES and 500.000 PIECES


One suppository contains

active agent nystatin of 250,000 PIECES or 500,000 PIECES,

excipients – butyl hydroxyanisol, buthylhydroxytoluene, citric acid, liquid paraffin, a basis for suppositories: glycerides semi-synthetic – up to 2 g

the Description

Suppositories of a tsilindrokonichesky form, yellow color. On a cut the existence of an air and porous core, funneled deepening

Pharmacotherapeutic group

of Antiseptics and antimicrobial drugs for treatment of gynecologic diseases is allowed.

The code of automatic telephone exchange G01AA01

the Pharmacological

Pharmacokinetics At properties topical administration is not soaked up through mucous membranes

the Pharmacodynamics

the Antibiotic of half-yen structure. Has antifungal activity. It is active concerning yeast-like mushrooms of the sort Candida and aspergilla. Renders fungistatic, and in high doses fungicide action. The tolerance to nystatin of sensitive mushrooms develops very slowly. Concerning bacteria it is inefficient.

Nystatin has a large number of the double bonds causing a high tropnost of substance to styrene formation of a cytoplasmic membrane of mushrooms in structure. Thereof the molecule is built in a cell membrane with formation of a set of the channels promoting uncontrollable transport of electrolytes. The cell loses resistance to influence of external osmotic forces and lyses.


– prevention and treatment of the diseases caused by yeast-like mushrooms of the sort Candida, candidiasis of mucous membranes of vulvovaginal area

– with the preventive purpose apply to prevention of development of a candidiasis at long-term treatment by drugs of penicillin and antibiotics of other groups, especially at oral administration of antibiotics of a tetracycline row, levomycetinum, Neomycinum, etc. and also the weakened and exhausted patient

the Route of administration and

Intravaginalno’s doses, enter whenever possible, is deep in a vagina after the hygienic procedures. Dosing mode individual. On 1-2 suppositories (250000 PIECES – 500000 PIECES) 2 times a day (in the morning and in the evening). The average duration of a course of treatment of 10-14 days

Side effects

– are possible local allergic reactions

– burning sensation and the nagger of mucous membranes

of the Contraindication

– hypersensitivity to drug and its components

– children’s and teenage age up to 18 years

– pregnancy

Medicinal interactions

Chemical incompatibility: potassium permanganate, peroxide of hydrogen, Natrii hydrocarbonas, salicylic acid, lactic acid. The hydrocortisone and other adrenal hormones reduce antifungal effect of nystatin. At simultaneous use of nystatin with Clotrimazolum the activity of the last decreases

Special instructions

during periods the treatment should not be interrupted. Simultaneous treatment of the sexual partner is recommended. During treatment it is recommended to avoid sexual contacts

the lactation Period

during treatment it is necessary to stop breastfeeding

Features of influence of medicine on ability to run the vehicle or potentially dangerous mechanisms

Drug does not affect ability to drive the car or to work with

the Overdose At equipment intravaginalny use of cases of overdose of drug it was not noted

the Form of release and packing

On 5 suppositories in blister strip packagings from a film polyvinylchloride laminated by polyethylene.

On the 2nd blister strip packagings together with the instruction for use in the state and Russian languages put in a pack cardboard

Storage conditions

to Store in the dry, protected from light place at a temperature ot15 0C do25 0C.

To store out of children’s reach!

2 years

not to use a period of storage after an expiration date!

Prescription status

Without prescription

LLC PHARMAPRIM MD-2028 Producer,

Republic of Moldova, Chisinau, G. Tudor St., 3

the Owner of the registration certificate

of LLC PHARMAPRIM, the Republic of Moldova

the Address of the organization accepting claims from consumers on quality of products

the Representative of LLC Pharmaprim in Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Gogol St., 86. office 528, ph. 8-727-2796518,

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