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Nefroles 100 ml of solution


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Nefroles of 100 ml solution
Ingredients: 100 ml of solution contain: water, alcohol (84.9 ml), liquid extract of a lespedeza of capitate (Lespedeza Capitata) of 15 ml, Anis’s essence of star-shaped (Illicium Verum) of 0.1 ml. Extract of a lespedeza contains: the catechins operating like vitamin P, flavonoids (fenolkarbonovy acids, meletin, kempferol, isoquercitrin, lespidin, etc.), ascorbic acid and a number of alkoloyd. Extract of a lespedeza capitate possesses expressed antiazotemic and anti-inflammatory actions. Extract of an anise star-shaped contains: phenols (p-propenyl anisole, safrol), methyl chavicol, palmitic acid, cineole (ketone), dipepten, phellandrene (terpenes). Diuretic properties of an anise use at treatment of diseases of a bladder, in particular cystitis and an oligouriya. Physiological action: Hypoazotemic means of plant origin, has anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect. Promotes reduction of concentration of products of nitric exchange in blood, increases clearance of nitrogenous compounds (urea, creatinine and uric acid), strengthens glomerular filtration in kidneys. Increases removal of nitrogenous slags with urine, a diuresis, increases removal of sodium and to a lesser extent – potassium. Indications: – Sharp both chronic kidney disease – Acute and chronic nephrites – the Diabetic nephropathy – Inflammatory diseases of urinary tract – the Hypertension – the Increased intracranial pressure – Heart failure of the Contraindication: – Hypersensitivity to components – during pregnancy and laktatsiisposob uses and a dosage: Adult: 5-10 ml 2-3 times a day. In chronic diseases for the purpose of prevention on 2.5-5 ml every other day. To children since 5 years on 1 ml (20 drops) 3 times a day. It is necessary to accept to food, diluting with a small amount of water. Storage conditions: To store in the place, dry, cool and inaccessible for children. Packaging: Solution 100 mlproizvoditel: Erba Vita/Italy


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