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Mycosan Neil 10 ml set to remove fungal lesions from the nail plate




The instruction for medical use of a product of medical purpose the Name of a product of medical purpose Mikozan Neyl set for removal of a fungal infection from a nail plate. Structure and the description of the product Mikozan Neyl – a safe and effective remedy for disposal of a fungal infection of nail plates. Is included in the package • Nail serum in a tuba with a brush applicator. • Disposable nail files – one party with a large abrasive, another – with small – 10 pieces • IInstruktsiya containing detailed information on a route of administration Mikozan Neyl. Mikozan Neyl is a part: water, a rye enzyme filtrate, pentyleneglycol, dimethylisosorbide and Mikozan Neyl hydroxyethylcellulose of 5 ml – 8718309700560 10 ml – 8718309700577 Scope Dermatology the Route of administration Locally And. Elimination of a fungal infection of nails Before use to remove nail varnish and/or to clean nails.1. once a week accurately to smooth out the affected nail the nail file which is included in the package. 2. To apply Mikozan Neyl 2 times in day (morning/evening) on all surface of the affected nail during the long continuous period — at least 4 weeks. 3. After drawing Mikozan Neyl the nail needs to be dried within 1–2 minutes. After a basic course of use (4 weeks), Mikozan Neyl is recommended to use once a day while he completely does not grow a healthy nail. Duration of a course averages 3–6 months (depending on the area of defeat and individual growth rate of a nail plate). The first visible results are noted in several weeks from the beginning of use Mikozan Neyl. Means Mikozan Neyl is intended for elimination of a fungal infection of nail plates. If there is no confidence that the patient has fungal infection of nails, it is necessary to see a doctor. B. Prevention (prevention) of repeated appearance of a fungal infection of nails to Apply Mikozan Neyl on not affected nails once a day. C. To Apply strengthening and food of nail plates at their increased fragility and stratifying Mikozan Neyl on nails once a day. For efficiency assessment Mikozan Neyl is recommended to fix the size of an affected area of a nail once a month. In the specified template to note the site of a nail affected with a fungal infection — it will help to remember as the nail before use Mikozan Neyl looked. To note the struck area on templates every month before total disappearance of an affected area. To show to the expert this scheme that he could estimate dynamics of improvement of a condition of nails/nails. The special instructions Mikozan Neyl it is intended only for external use. In order to avoid a cross infection, it is not necessary to transfer means Mikozan Neyl to other persons, it is necessary to use 1 nail file only for 1 nail and only 1 time! Recommendations about treatment and prevention of fungal infection of nails • To keep hands and feet in dryness. It is good to wipe them after a shower, especially pleated between fingers. In a fungal infection to use individual clean towels. • To regularly cut nails in a straight line with a small curve at tips. Not to bite nails and not to delete a cuticle. • To wear suitable shoes, to allow legs to be aired whenever possible. It is not necessary to wear shoes from synthetic materials. During treatment to put on the cotton socks keeping a cool and freshness of feet. If at the patient legs sweat, it is necessary more often than a menyatnoska. • To regularly carry out disinfection of footwear. In a public shower or locker rooms it is necessary to use individual slippers. The fungus breeds in warm and damp places, such as pools, shower or locker rooms.· not to use nail varnish. In spite of the fact that he creates visibility of protection of a nail against a fungal infection, varnish can detain moisture. • At a pedicure and manicure to use disposable or individual tools. Indications · For elimination of a fungal infection of nails, · For prevention (prevention) of repeated appearance of a fungal infection of nails, · For strengthening and food of nail plates at their increased fragility and stratifying. Contraindications to use Mikozan Neyl is not intended for use for children is younger than 4 years. Action Mikozan Neyl Pri drawing on a nail Mikozan Neyl forms the water-soluble film covering it a surface and deeply getting into thickness, increasing density of structures of nail plates, reducing their porosity and also forming protection against influence of a pathogenic fungi, creating the conditions adverse for their growth. Mikozan Neyl makes destructive impact on a lipidic cover of mushrooms, causing their death. Action Mikozan Neyl prevents the further growth and distribution of mushrooms on a nail, promoting its natural growth. Main characteristics and use Mikozan Neyl 1. Cleaning of a nail plate with a nail file 2. Drawing Mikozan Neyl 3. Drying Templates for control of improvement of a condition of a nail / to it. 2) 1. Beginning of use Mikozan Neyl 2. In 2 months 3. In 3 months 4. In 4 months the Diary of use Mikozan Neyl. 3) • Use the diary for tracking results. Use Mikozan Neyl twice a day and smooth out an affected area a nail file once a week. • In spite of the fact that improvement can be imperceptible in the first or second month of use Mikozan Neyl, it is not told about inefficiency by Mikozan Neyl. Nail plates of the person grow slowly (especially on a thumb of feet), and full growth of an affected area happens within from 6 to 9 months. Register dynamics of improvement of a condition of a nail / to it by means of templates. Storage conditions and expiration date • To store at the room temperature in original packing.· to protect from children. Expiration date 3 years. Not to use after an expiration date. Side effect Possible side effects In rare instances can arise allergic reaction to any of components (contact dermatitis). Immediately stop treatment if you see flashes or signs of irritation. If the problem is not fixed, see a doctor. Holder of the registration certificate: Serrix B.V. Herengrakht 458, 1017 CA Amsterdam, the Netherlands the Organization accepting claims from consumers in the territory of RK Pharmaline LLP, RK, Almaty, Shamiyeva St., 11.


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