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Karipain Plus 1g 1’s balm for dry body


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The instruction for use of dry balm for a body of Karipain Plus a bottle of 1 g Dry balm for a body of Karipain Plus which part the enzymes which are contained in lacteal juice of a papaya (melon tree) and also bromeline are and a collagenase, is recommended to apply to improvement of a body. Balm has the balanced composition of active active ingredients that does its use effective. USE: To dissolve bottle contents with dry balm (1 g) in water (9-10 g) and to apply to skin bodies the massing movements before full absorption. Apply once a day. Duration of use is from 20 to 30 days. If necessary – do repeated courses. The break between repeated use makes not less than 30 days. CONTRAINDICATIONS: Individual intolerance of components of balm. Packaging: Bottles of 1 g of dark glass with a capacity of 10 ml. Cardboard packing on 1 bottle in everyone. STORAGE: In the dry, protected from light place at a temperature from 0 ˚ to +20 ˚ Page. An expiration date – 24 months. Date of production, party are specified on the label of a bottle. INGREDIENTS: D (+) – lactose monohydrate, papain, bromeline, lysozyme, a collagenase, sodium chloride. STRUCTURE (INCI): Lactose Monohydrate, Papain, Bromelain, Lysozyme Hydrochloride, Collagenase, Sodium Chloride. TU 9158-010-58013622-2006 Corresponds to TR CU 009/2011


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