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Kapilar cooling 75 ml cream body balm


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Brands:: Diod (Russia)


The instruction on primeneniyuPOKAZANIe To USE: – At exhaustion of legs and muscular KAPILAR ustalostikrem-balm allows to restore a tone, to refresh the excited skin tired with a foot and legs, has bactericidal effect. Cream-balm stimulates capillaries, improves blood circulation, accelerates recovery of normal work of fabrics. – In a varicosity and venous insufficiency (weight in legs, puffiness, spasms) cream-balm improves a capillary blood stream, increases a gleam of capillaries and volume of blood in a capillary bed at the expense of what allows to reduce load of large vessels. KAPILAR cream-balm strengthens walls of vessels, reduces their hyperpermeability, promotes improvement of a tone of veins. KAPILAR removes inflammation of a vascular wall, reduces puffiness of legs, has the anesthetizing effect. – In bruises, hematomas, a muscle strain cream-balm restores the destroyed capillaries, normalizes a blood stream, in the damaged fabrics. Reduces viscosity of blood and time of resorption of hematomas. KAPILAR improves outflow of products of metabolism from muscle fibers, accelerates recovery of normal work of fabrics. Cream-balm promotes the fastest removal of hypostasis and inflammation. Has analgesic effect. – At painful feelings (neuralgia, miozita, joint pains) the use of cream-balm allows to lower extent of inflammatory process in nerve terminations, to normalize their sensitivity and conductivity. KAPILAR restores work of nerve and muscle fibers, reduces expressiveness of a pain syndrome. Cream-balm stimulates a capillary blood stream in joints, accelerates removal of products of metabolism, promotes removal of hypostasis and inflammation, has the anesthetizing effect. Cream-balm stimulates capillaries, improves blood circulation, accelerates recovery of normal work of fabrics. KAPILAR cream-balm is applied, without rubbing, a thin layer on painful parts of the body. At the same time there is a feeling of pleasant cold burning. If necessary KAPILAR cream-balm can be reused during the day. It is recommended to apply KAPILAR cream-balm to achievement of steady result courses for 2-3 weeks. A break between courses – 1 week. In serious bruises, stretchings, hematomas, disturbances of venous blood circulation to strengthening of influence it is recommended to apply KAPILAR cream-balm along with dietary supplement to KAPILAR.OSTOROZhNO food! Not to apply KAPILAR cream-balm on the damaged surface of skin, mucous membranes, eczematic surfaces and open ulcers. At hit of cream-balm in eyes to wash out a large amount of water. Contraindications: KAPILAR cream-balm cannot be used in skin diseases and hypersensitivity to any component of drug. By-effects: At hypersensitivity to components cream-balm, at use of KAPILARA can arise irritation. In this case use of cream-balm is recommended to be stopped. Storage: To store in the cool, protected from light place. Expiration date of 12 months.


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