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Endocrinol Iodine 0.33g (30 capsules)




Endokrinol Yod Natural iodine and a cinquefoil white – two actions at once: completion of an iodine deficiency and maintaining hormonal balance of a thyroid gland! Daily support of health of a thyroid gland it is recognized Now that the iodic deficit is a natural and general natural phenomenon. The iodic deficit takes place throughout the Russian Federation, as well as in many other countries, in particular, in the majority of the countries of Europe. According to WHO data, about 85% of the population of Russia live in areas with an iodine deficiency. On the chemical composition the soil of the majority of territories of Russia is poor in iodine. As a result all plants have the insufficient content of iodine. Besides, the big role in development of the yododefitsit in recent years was played by significant changes in the nature of food of Russians. Consumption of sea fish and the seafood rich with iodine decreased. Yod treats the vital microelements of food, the daily need for it depending on age makes from 100 to 200 mkg. Consequences of iodic deficit can become: irritability, fatigue, decrease in intellectual development, excess weight — here not the full list of their manifestations. Not to allow such failures, accept non-hormonal means — Endokrinol Yod on the basis of a silverweed white and natural iodine which is made Evalar on the international quality standard of GMP. Endokrinol Yod is the specially developed phytoformula which contains the important nutritious elements necessary for normal work of a thyroid gland: natural iodine of 150 mkg and a cinquefoil white, promoting: to completion of an iodine deficiency to maintaining balance of hormones of a thyroid gland to decrease in long fatigue, bad mood and excess weight to improvement of memory and attention As ingredients work? A laminaria — the sea cabbage incorporating organic iodine, a unique set of vitamins macro – and microelements and biologically active agents helping to acquire this iodine. Besides, the laminaria reduces absorption and accumulation in an organism of radioactive materials. The cinquefoil white — is a source of Mn, Cu, Zn, Se and also contains a large number of Co, Cr, Ni, Li, B, Cr, Zn, and macrocells of K, Ca, P, Fe. The rich structure of a silverweed white allows to complement a food allowance with the major micronutrients necessary for healthy work of a thyroid gland. Thanks to existence of gallotanin, flavonoids, fenolkarbonovy acids and saponins, promotes maintenance of normal function of work of a thyroid gland. From 100 species of a silverweed only one — the cinquefoil white promotes maintenance of normal work of a thyroid gland, and it is grown up on plantations Evalar in the foothills of Altai and Endokrinol Yod is a part. Vitamin A — from all vitamins is especially important for a thyroid gland balance of vitamin A. Low content of vitamin A slows down production of TSH, reduces ability of a thyroid gland to absorb iodine. As a result even at sufficient intake of iodine with food, the insufficient content of vitamin A can not allow a thyroid gland to use the received iodine in full. 1 capsule (daily reception) contains structure: The mass of % of Fitoformul’s RSN Evalar (a laminaria, a cinquefoil white) including iodine 300 mg150 mkg 100 A 0.9 Vitamin of mg 113 * * does not exceed the top acceptable level of consumption Additional information the Route of administration by the Adult on 1 capsule at meal time once a day. Reception duration not less than 1 month. If necessary reception can be repeated. Persons with diseases of a thyroid gland or taking the iodine drugs before use are recommended to consult with the doctor-endocrinologist. It is not recommended At individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, feeding by a breast. Document SWAMP-SUBORS No. RU. of 12.03.2015. The form of release of the Capsule No. 30 Mass of the Capsule is 0.33 g


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