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Dezaminooksitotsina 50 IU (10 tablets)


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of DemoxytocinumTabletki on 50 ME N10
Uterotonichesky and lactogenic means.1 a tablet contains 50 ME demoksitotsin.
Excipients: sucrose, lactose, potato starch, calcium stearate, methyl cellulose.
The pharmacodynamics
Dezaminooksitotsin is a synthetic analog of oxytocin. Dezaminooksitotsin on the pharmacological properties is close to oxytocin, it also stimulates reduction of smooth muscles of a uterus and myoepithelial cells of a mammary gland. Therefore drug has the action mechanism, similar with oxytocin. Under the influence of a dezaminooksitotsin the permeability of membranes amplifies and increase of receipt of calcium ions in smooth muscle cells is observed. Intracellular calcium regulates mechanical activity of unstriated muscles of a uterus and myoepithelial cells and causes reduction. Drug, causing reduction of myoepithelial cells, causes receipt and discharge of milk.
At transbukkalny use of drug for the purpose of excitement or odynagogue, the pains close to physiological appear in 20-40 or 50-60 min. Duration of action depends on a dose, the significant effect proceeds up to 180 min. Uterotonichesky activity of a dezaminooksitotsin exceeds action of oxytocin twice.
In a puerperal period drug accelerates involution of a uterus and promotes the termination of postnatal bleedings.
Thanks to the increased resistance to an enzymatic inactivation, dezaminooksitotsin possesses stronger and long lactogenic action in comparison with oxytocin. Unlike oxytocin the lactogenic action of a dezaminooksitotsin comes quicker.
Dezaminooksitotsin normalizes process of a lactation, eliminates a pathological nagrubaniye of mammary glands, stimulates molokoobrazovatelny and secretory function of mammary glands, prevents development of mastitis.
Dezaminooksitotsin is almost deprived of angiotonic and antidiuretic action that gives the chance to apply it at women with the increased arterial blood pressure, toxicoses in the second half of pregnancy and renal failures.
The pharmacokinetics
Dezaminooksitotsin is quickly absorbed through a mucous membrane of an oral cavity in a system blood stream. Transbukkalny absorption one 50ME tablets happens within 15-30 min.
Dezaminooksitotsin does not collapse saliva enzymes. He is resistant to the oxytocinases destroying oxytocin. All these properties of drug allow to apply it transbukkalno.
Elimination of a dezaminooksitotsin happens within 30-60 min.
Dezaminooksitotsin is applied to excitement and strengthening of patrimonial activity at primary and secondary weakness of patrimonial attempts and also to acceleration of involution of a uterus and strengthening of discharge of milk during a puerperal period.
The route of administration and doses
use Drug transbukkalno: the tablet is put for a cheek alternately from the right and left side and held in a mouth, without chewing and without swallowing, before its full resorption. For initiation of patrimonial activity and odynagogue appoint on 50 ME (1 tablet) each 30 min.: the necessary dose is selected individually. After establishment of regular and strong contractions the dose of drug is reduced twice (1/2 tablets) or given with a 1-hour interval. The maximum dose for excitement and odynagogue makes 500 ME, in rare instances – 900 ME and more. In the absence of effect and in case of admissibility the use of drug is repeated in 24 h if it is admissible.
For stimulation of a lactation drug is appointed from the 2nd to the 6th day of a puerperal period on 25-50 ME (0.5-1 tablet) in 5 min. prior to feeding of the child from 2 to 4 times a day.
Side effect
uterus Spasms (also at use of small doses)
the Hypersensitivity of a uterus and high doses of oxytocin can cause a uterus hyper tone, tetanic reductions, hyperactivity of a uterus with a rupture of a uterus and tissues of a vagina, at a fruit the bradycardia, arrhythmias, asphyxia and an acute hypoxia is possible, both mother, and at a fruit can have a lethal outcome.
Drug can also make mother vomiting, sick, tachycardia, hypertensia, anaphylactic reactions (the complicated breath. hypotension or shock).
In case of complications during pregnancy and patrimonial complications there can be a life-threatening fatal afibrinogenemiya and postnatal bleeding.
The newborn can have a jaundice, hemorrhage in a retina.
Hypersensitivity to active agent or other component.
Hypertensive counteractions of a uterus, fruit hypoxia.
Discrepancy of the sizes of a fruit and a basin, cross or slanting attitude of fetus, placental presentation, vasa praevia, premature peeling of a placenta, an umbilical cord prolapse, threat of risk of a hysterorrhesis because of considerable number of pregnancies, gidramniya, a large number of pregnancies and existence of hems in a uterus wall after operations, including Cesarean section.
Not to apply medicine it is long in case of a heavy preeclampsia of toxicosis and a serious cardiovascular illness and also in case of an inert uterus (a rezistention to demoksitotsinu / to oxytocin).
it was not reported about intoxication cases at use of tablets of a dezaminooksitotsin So far. Drug, being peptide, it is quickly inactivated in digestive tract. At use of high doses of drug perhaps heavy side effect (see. Side effect).
Special instructions
Medicamentous initiation of childbirth can be carried out only under stringent control of medical personnel. Careful monitoring of heart rate of a fruit and also mobility of a uterus it was possible to pick up a dose of a dezaminooksitotsin depending on individual reaction of the woman in labor is necessary. In case of hyperactivity of a uterus the reception of tablets is stopped.
Sldut extra care to observe at:

discrepancy of the sizes of a basin and a fruit,
hypertensia, heart diseases,
age 35 years
which transferred Cesarean section on the lower segment of a uterus
at intrauterine death of a fruit are more senior or if amniotic waters contain meconium (the embolism of amniotic waters can develop).
The effect of a dezaminooksitotsin amplifies at its simultaneous use with prostaglandins (careful control is necessary) and also at caudal anesthesia (the hypertensive activity of sympathomimetic angiotonic means can increase).
Patients with congenital intolerance of lactose/fructose, a galactosemia, a syndrome of malabsorption of a glucose/galactose or deficiency of sucrose-isomaltose should take into account that one tablet of a dezaminooksitotsin contains 233.12 mg of sucrose and 132.24 mg of lactose.
Use of drug during pregnancy and feeding by a breast
Dezaminooksitotsin during pregnancy is applied with care as the risk of komplikation both for the woman in labor, and for a fruit increases.
It is possible what dezaminooksitotsin in small amounts gets to mother’s milk. Are not known to Komplikation.
Drug use by drivers of transport and operators of cars
researches for the purpose of assessment of the impact on ability to run the vehicle and to serve mechanisms were not conducted.
Interaction with other medicines
Is possible, inhalation of anesthetics reduces action of a dezaminooksitotsin (also enhances gipotensivny effect and risk of arrhythmia).
Dezaminooksitotsin is not applied within 6 hours after vaginal administration of prostaglandins (prostaglandins enhance uterotonichesky effect).
Simultaneous use of a dezaminooksitotsin and sympathomimetic vasoconstrictor strengthens angiotonic action.
– adrenomimetik (sympathomimetics) reduce efficiency of a dezaminooksitotsin.
Expiration date. 5 years.
Storage conditions
In the dry, dark place at a temperature not above 25 °C.
Observe the expiration date specified on packing.
Release conditions from drugstores
On the prescription.
On 10 tablets in the blister. On 1 blister together with a leaf insert in a pack.

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