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Blefarogel February 15 ml Eye Gel (at demodicosis)




The instruction
for medical use of a product of medical
purpose for the consumer

the Name of a product of medical purpose:
Gel for physical therapy a century Blefarogel 2
Structure and the description of a product:
Blefarogel 2 contains: hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera juice, polyvinylpirrolidone, glycerin, propylene glycol, the water purified, the carbomer neutralized, methylparaben, propylparaben, bronopol, sulfur drug.
Hyaluronic acid regulates moisture content in cells. Thanks to effect of hyaluronic acid, channels grease, meibomian are cleaned, sweat glands the century from traffic jams and is normalized their secretion. The skin is moisturized, becomes more elastic. The Aloe Vera juice having antiseptic properties improves a metabolism in an eyelid skin, removes puffiness and other symptoms of irritation. Drug of sulfur possesses antiseptic and acaricidal effect, promotes slow cleaning of output channels of glands on edges of the lids and normalizes their secretion.
Name and (or) trademark of the manufacturing organization:
LLC Geltek-Medika.
Blefarogel gel 2 is intended:

for hygienic clarification of skin and ciliary edges of the lids at prevention of blefarit,

for performing medical massage a century,

for holding physiotherapeutic procedures on centuries (fonoforez, an electrophoresis) as contact environments for ultrasonic sensors or electrodes.
Route of administration:

For clarification of skin and edges of the lids on a cotton plug from a bottle to squeeze out a small amount of gel, and then by means of a cotton plug easy movements to make clarification the century and to remove skin scales, foreign dust, slime, grease discharges, etc.

For massage a century, on previously cleaned skin to put several drops of gel and easy movements at weak pressing with finger-tips or by means of a glass stick to make medical massage depending on indications (for removal of traffic jams from channels of meibomian glands, for improvement of blood circulation in centuries, etc.).

For holding physiotherapeutic procedures to apply several drops of Blefarogel 2 to an eyelid skin then on them place the ultrasonic or electric sensor depending on indications then carry out the necessary procedure.
Blefarogel 2 is shown to use for preventive and medical procedures in such diseases as blefarita and blefarokonjyunktivita of various etiology, a syndrome of a dry eye, a demodicosis.
– removes reddening, an itching, weight a century
– the century effectively cleans a surface from scales and crusts
– moisturizes an eyelid skin, increasing its turgor
– takes off effects of fatigue, sand in eyes
– serves as prophylactic of blefarit, conjunctivitis, barley and halyazion
of the Contraindication for use:
Individual intolerance of separate Blefarogelya2 components.
Precautionary measures:
Before Blefarogel’s use 2 it is necessary to remove contact lenses and to insert them not earlier, than in 15 minutes after putting gel. At Blefarogel’s hit 2 in eyes perhaps short-term burning.
Data necessary for the user for identification of a product of medical purpose: the shaped codes identifying products of medical purpose are presented on fig. 1

of Fig. 1 Shaped the code on
an individual box
with with Blefarogel 2 gel


gel in a retail container (bottle weighing gel of 15 g) – 1 piece,

the label (on a bottle) – 1 piece,

a cardboard individual box – 1 piece,

an iinstruktion on use – 1 piece.
Storage conditions: to store at a temperature from +5 wasps up to +30 wasps.
Expiration date: 3 years. Not to apply after expiry date.
Manufacturing organization:
LLC Geltek-Medika, Russia, 115201, Moscow, 1st Varshavsky Drive, 2, building 8.
The name and the address of the organization accepting in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan a claim (offer) on products of medical purpose from consumers: AMANAT LLP, Republic of Kazakhstan, Karaganda, S. Seyfullina Ave. 107/3, ph./fax 8 (7212) 908000,

the Name (designation) of the normative document according to which the product of medical purpose is made: TU 9398-020-76063983-2009.


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