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Ambulance 30 ml spray


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Spray AMBULANCE, antiseptic
DeystvieSprey AMBULANCE – a highly effective and safe first-aid medicine at various damages of a surface of skin, including wounds, cuts, scratches, microtraumas and burns of 0th degree. Has the local anesthetizing (anesthetizing) effect. Spray is used as prophylactic – cleans and disinfects skin. Has bactericidal and antiseptic effect. Spray AMBULANCE has the local anesthetizing effect and provides reliable protection in the conditions of reproduction of microorganisms.
Sostavv composition of Chlorhexidin spray – local treatment-and-prophylactic antiseptic, antimicrobic, disinfecting, antiviral and antifungal broad-spectrum agent. Chlorhexidin has fast and strong effect concerning the majority of gram-positive and gram-negative aerobic and anaerobic bacteria (including causative agents of intrahospital infections, tuberculosis, colibacillus, stafilokokk, streptococci, salmonellas). Spray the AMBULANCE is a successful replacement to the known antiseptic agents (brilliant green, iodine, hydrogen peroxide) long ago.
Information on a primeneniyun distance of 10-15 cm to spray spray AMBULANCE on the damaged site of skin. To allow to dry up. After dispersion on skin the thin layer of means, a long time protecting skin from penetration of bacteria and microbes is formed. The activity of means remains in the presence of blood and pus. If necessary to isolate a wound a bactericidal plaster or bandage. At more serious damages it is necessary to see a doctor.


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