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A 30-ml droplets elixir


Brands:: CJ Labs (USA)


Drop L-elixir Ingredients: 1 ml of solution contains tseanotus American extract of 9 mg, a red clover of flowers extract of 7.5 mg, root stillingiya extract of 7.5 mg, zantoksilum American extract of 6 mg. Pharmacological action: The L-elixir renders antiedematous, lymphatic drainage, immunomodulatory, disintoxication, anti-inflammatory action. The L-elixir at hit in an organism causes stimulation of a metabolism, improves a lymphatic drainage of fabrics, increases barrier functions of lymph nodes, strengthens removal of toxic substances from the intercellular environment. Thanks to it there is an improvement of interaction between cells of endocrine, immune and nervous systems. So, activating lymphatic system of intestines, the L-elixir creates prerequisites for strengthening of local immunity both a mucous membrane of intestines, and mucous membranes of other bodies. Under the influence of the L-elixir also delivery of other medicines to the struck places accelerates that gives the chance to reduce doses of the taken drugs, to reduce the poisoning effect of medicines on an organism. Indications: · lymphadenopathy, tonsillitis, adenoid disease, acute and chronic antritis, otitis, mesoadenitis, · various infectious intoxications (tubercular, tonzillogenny, in flu, a rubella, scarlet fever, zoonotic infections, at hr. hepatitis, etc.), · exudative and catarrhal, limfatiko-hypoplastic diathesis, · diseases which are followed by an immunodeficiency · diabetes with developing of polyneuropathy, · hypostases of various origin: renal, cordial, standing at venous insufficiency, perineural at inflammation of nerves, at pregnant women, etc., · lymphatic hypostases (posttraumatic, postmastektomichesky, postoperative limfedema, elephantiasis), · malignant, benign diseases, · allergic and pustulous diseases of skin (eczema, neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis, ugly face, furunculosis, etc.). Route of administration: For newborns, children up to 2 years – on 5 drops 2-3 times a day. Children of 2-6 years – on 8 drops 2-3 times a day. Since 6 years and for adults – on 10 drops 2-3 times a day. To take for half an hour to food or in 1 hour after a meal. Drops can be dissolved in small amount of water. Course of reception of 15-25 days. If necessary it is possible to continue. Contraindications: Individual hypersensitivity to drug components. Use at pregnant women: When using drug during pregnancy and a lactation the consultation of the doctor is necessary. Side effects: At the moment messages about side effects are not received. Interaction with other medicines: The L-elixir is combined with other medicines. Overdose: For today the overdoses given about symptoms did not arrive. Packaging: Drops for intake with the doser, a bottle of 30 ml. Producer: CJ labs Inc., Miami, USA. The owner of a trademark and the certificate of registration is the Claus Marsh company, Great Britain. The organization accepting claims in RK: Altes Pharm LLP, Almaty, mdt. Koktem-2, 19. Ph. 8 (727) 344-91-40.


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