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911 larkspur series body 100 ml gel balm




The description of pharmaceutical means Zhivokost 911 Gel-balm promotes fast restoration of the struck fabrics, removes puffiness and a muscular spasm. Zhivokost 911 use as the main or additional medicine for therapy of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, among them: arthritis and arthrosis, sciatica, osteochondrosis, gout, etc. The structure and advantage joint gel-balm Zhivokost 911 joint Gel has quite rich structure which provides the successful result of therapy. A form of its release — a tube of 100 ml. Such components are a part: The arnica — a plant which helps to remove inflammation and to improve blood circulation. The gold mustache — regenerates the struck fabrics. Vitamins of B1 and B6 group — help with regeneration of nervous tissues. The inula — allows an organism to wear out ahead of time. Chondroitin — helps to renew the cartilaginous surface of joints. The glycosamine — allows an organism to produce the collagen and proteoglycan, necessary for resuming of joints. Eucalyptus oil — has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal property. Indications and contraindications apply Gel-balm, facing such problems as: There is a lot of indications at gel, before use it is necessary to study the instruction. painful feelings, hypostases and inflammation of one of bodies of a musculoskeletal system, neuralgia, adjournment of salts in joints, injuries, process of destruction of cartilages of a joint, the excessive loading of an organism which is followed by muscles spasms. Carry to contraindications: personal intolerance of the making elements of which balm, open wounds in the defeat center, high sensitivity to aromas consists. Zhivokost 911 gel-balm is released in any drugstore without prescription from the doctor. It is necessary to use according to the instruction. The route of administration joint Balm Zhivokost 911 needs to be applied on the cleaned and dried up integument surface. It is worth rubbing gel 2 — 3 times a day massage circlings for the best absorption. After balm use the skin does not remain sticky and fat. For the best result the sore point is wrapped up in something warm and allow it to get warm well. It is necessary to repeat this procedure not less than 1.5 months, and sometimes the course of treatment lasts longer, everything depends on a stage of development and course of a disease.


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