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70g of honey ant to gel body lotion (joints, muscles)




It is applied to complex treatment of joints and a backbone: – in arthritis, a pseudorheumatism, rheumatism, rheumatic polyarthritis, arthrosis, an osteoarthrosis, osteoporosis, scoliosis, sciatica, at inflammation of a sciatic nerve, – in osteochondrosis (adjournment of salts), a diskosis, at emergence of bone outgrowths (osteophytes), lumbosacral sciatica, a spondylolisthesis, the deforming spondylarthrosis, a tendonita, gouty arthritis (gout), – in diseases of circumarticular vascular network, vascular pathologies, thrombogeneses and limfootyoka, venous insufficiency, at emergence of vascular plaques, – in diseases of circumarticular muscular network, – at inflammations in circumarticular nervous network (neuralgia), – for improvement of healing of fractures, dislocations and stretchings.


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