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250 mg of milk thistle extract 20s tab.




Thistles extract For a liver our health in many respects depends on a condition of a liver – the vital participating practically in all types of a metabolism and performing protective (barrier) function of an organism. The adverse ecological situation, irrational food, addictions – all this increases load of a liver and has an adverse effect on a condition of its cells. Therefore cells of a liver need additional protection and resources for their natural updating. Care of a condition of a liver are a care of own health. Thistles extract – the reliable defender of your liver! The thistle was known in Ancient Rome for the use in food poisonings. Now the thistle is rather investigated and is widely applied in many countries of the world. Unique, characteristic only of a thistle, the combination of flavonoids (flavolignan) is called Silymarinum. Silymarinum – one of known today the complex of natural compounds protecting cells of a liver and helping to support its functions. Silymarinum of a thistle promotes: to protection and natural renewal of cells of a liver to improvement of a functional condition of a liver Thistles extract – a complex of natural origin for health of a liver: Silymarinum a complex of flavonoids (flavolignan) of a thistle is known for the ability to remove the toxic substances both arriving from the outside, and which are formed in the liver as a result of metabolism of Property of Silymarinum, protecting a liver are caused by its antioxidant function and ability to strengthen cell membranes. Excess accumulation of products of peroxide oxidation of lipids is one of the leading mechanisms of decrease in viability of cells of a liver (hepatocytes). It leads to decrease in durability of a lipidic layer of cellular membranes. Silymarinum interferes with accumulation of hydroperoxides of lipids and by that increases protection of cells of a liver. Besides, stabilizing a cellular membrane of hepatocytes, Silymarinum slows down intake of toxics in them. Silymarinum also supports a metabolism in a liver therefore support of functions of a liver is even more actively carried out. 1 tablet (daily reception) contains structure: The mass of % of RSN of the Thistle ekstraktv that number of a flavolignana (Silymarinum) 62.5 mg30.0 mg 100 Additional information the Route of administration the Adult on 1 tablet a day at meal time. Reception duration — 1 month. Prolonged use up to 3 months is allowed. It is not recommended to Persons with individual intolerance of components of a product, to the pregnant women nursing. Before use it is necessary to consult with the doctor. The document SWAMP-SUBORS No. RU. of 11.12.2014 No. 20 Mass of a Tablet is 0.25 g the Form of release of the Tablet


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